6’1 ’24 Zyan Hager (D1 Stars)

Numerous guys stood out for the D1 Stars, including Hager and the clear leadership he brought to this group. He’s a smart, steady guard with an excellent balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Hager controlled the tempo, played with pace, and consistently created for himself and others. He finished through contact, made smart decisions, and hit jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc. Hager is also a useful defender and rebounder. He has the makings of a college-level player. 

6’2 ’27 Donyeh Baird (Team Loyal)

Though young, it’s already easy to see the obvious appeal of Baird. He’s a tough, polished, athletic all-around guard prospect with a high motor and the ability to consistently outwork opponents on both ends of the floor. Baird gets downhill with ease, where he’s able to finish through contact, set up others, or highlight his useful array of in-between scoring moves (runner, floater, etc.). That being said, he’s also a nice perimeter shooter and can generate (and convert) clean looks from midrange or beyond the arc. Baird has the makings of a notable prospect and should only continue to make waves within North Carolina’s Class of 2026. 

6’0 ’26 Ian Bailey (Team Vision)

Given the construct of their roster, Bailey consistently finds ways to set the tone as a leader. He scores the ball in a healthy variety of ways. Whether pull-ups, three-pointers, or downhill attacks to the basket, Bailey basically gets whatever he wants offensively. He’s an efficient scorer with passing instincts and spot-up ability. Only a freshman, it’ll be interesting to see how he progresses going forward. 

6’7 ’26 Tre Raymon (Team Charlotte)

Although he’s been a noteworthy prospect for quite a while, there’s still so much to like about Raymon and his extremely intriguing array of tools. He’s long, fluid, skilled, and athletic with so much long-term upside remaining. Raymon possesses nice ball skills, especially for his size, and is capable of causing matchup problems for various types of opponents. He rebounds, blocks shots, and scores in numerous ways. Raymon should only continue to get better and better. 

6’7 ’25 Taye Smith (1 of 1 Elite)

There are so many enticing pieces within this roster, which certainly includes Smith and his extremely reliable, low-maintenance game. He’s a great screener with the ability to roll, pop, or make reads within a few dribbles. Smith is a terrific athlete with IQ, strength, toughness, and a useful amount of skill. He plays above the rim, controls the glass, anchors the paint defensively, and runs the floor hard in transition. Add in his consistent two-way motor, and it’s easy to see why he’s among the better players in his class. 

6’6 ’24 Tyler Showalter (BSA Supreme)

It’s common knowledge that BSA Supreme is one of the most entertaining squads in the state, and Showalter is a vital part of their overall structure. At 6-foot-6, he’s long, wiry, and offers versatility on both ends of the floor. Showalter has always been a productive player, but it appears that he’s gotten more athletic and aggressive over the recent months. He’s skilled with IQ, vision, and the ability to shoot the ball at a high clip from the perimeter. That being said, Showalter also rebounded with toughness and applied strong pressure as a finisher around the basket. Expect various college coaches to get involved over the coming months.