6’0 ’22 Cole Sinclair (Winston-Salem Christian)

Given the healthy mix of talent in the gym, Sinclair was easily among the most impressive post-grad performers on display. He’s a lethal shooting threat with deep range and an effortless release, but can also attack the basket and create for others. Sinclair does a great job of dictating the offense, yet also consistently finds success without the ball in his hands. He’s a useful team defender who rebounds his position well. 

6’8 ’25 Trent Steinour (Carolina Riptide)

Though young, it’s still easy to see the strides within Steinour’s overall progression. Between his rim-protection and perimeter shooting, he’s certainly developing into a modernized big man. Steinour already displays great timing when blocking shots and pursuing rebounds, but will only get better with additional strength and physical maturity. He should already be on most folks’ radar, but will still be one to watch closely over the coming years. 

6’4 ’24 Bishop Boswell (Team CP3)

Although various guys stood out for the loaded Team CP3 roster, it’s easy to appreciate everything Boswell brings to the table. He’s a smart, strong, athletic floor general with great vision and penetration ability. Boswell is a respectable perimeter shooter, but basically unstoppable when getting downhill and attacking. He makes the correct read with consistency, understands how to take what the defense gives him, and simply produces in all facets of the game. Boswell is a positive defender, rebounder, and overall offensive threat who makes others better. 

6’6 ’22 Trey Hood (Charlotte Dragons)

It’s unclear as to why Hood is still available, considering he’s a 6-foot-6 wing with the ability to absolutely fill it up from distance. He’s certainly more than just a standstill threat, but there should be plenty of interest for a guy who can reliably knock down shots from midrange and beyond the arc. Hood can attack closeouts, finish through contact, and rebound the ball at a nice rate defensively. He stood out as a definite difference-maker for the Dragons. 

6’5 ’24 Carlos Vasquez (East Carolina Phenomz)

In terms of personal viewings, Vasquez might’ve had the most dominant performance of the day. The all-around scoring was impressive, but his feel, unselfishness, and two-way versatility is what made him so difficult to contain. Vasquez consistently affect every single facet of the game. He controlled the glass with relative ease, pushed the break in transition, and made excellent decisions with the ball in his hands. Vasquez is a mismatch as a ball-handling forward who can overwhelm opponents in a variety of different ways. He could be poised for a huge travel season. 

5’11 ’24 Sincere Rasul (Elite One)

The new-look Elite One squad has a ton of talent, and Rasul was as impressive as anyone in their first showing of the day. He’s a quick, heady lead guard prospect with vision, penetration ability, and a scrappy defensive presence. Rasul does a great job of turning defense into offense by being a pest at the point of attack, forcing turnovers, and finishing in transition. He displays poise with the ball in his hands and works well within the team structure. 

6’8 ’22 Marshall Klug (Feltrim Academy)

Even after the final result, it was difficult to single out any one performer from this Feltrim Academy roster. However, Klug continues to make quality strides within his development. It should go without saying at this point, but he should be a priority for a wide variety of scholarship-level programs. He’s extremely skilled for his size, able to score in a multitude of ways from both the block and perimeter. Klug is a reliable shooter with touch and the ability to attack within a few dribbles. He’s also a nice passer, rebounder, and shot-altering presence. 

6’4 ’22 Donaven Johnson (The Skill Factory)

There were a ton of standouts in The Skill Factory’s dominant showing, and Johnson was as impressive as anyone. He consistently put himself in scoring positions and took what the opposition gave him, whether through cutting and finishing or spotting-up and knocking down shots. Johnson is a quality athlete and efficient offensive option with the ability to find success with or without the ball in his hands. Definite scholarship-level talent.