6’2 ’24 Jordan Williams (Gate City Grizzlies)

It’s easy to appreciate the balance within this Gate City Grizzlies roster. They had many contributors but Williams arguably stood out as their main leader on both ends of the floor. He’s a strong, athletic wing with a high motor and unselfish approach. Williams naturally finds production through playing hard, making hustle plays, and filling in the gaps. His length, athleticism, and instincts allow him to outrebound opponents and defend multiple positions. 

6’4 ’23 Mags Swinger (Carolina Riptide)

Though he’s not typically seen as a primary option for this squad, Swinger enjoyed an undeniably impressive showing today. He’s a long, wiry wing/forward who plays well within the team concept on both ends of the floor. Swinger is a reliable shooter, steady defender, and generally unselfish piece offensively. He works hard, makes hustle plays, and capitalizes on scoring opportunities.

6’3 ’24 KJ Greene (Upward Stars)

There is an abundance of talent within the Upward Stars organization, but Greene might be as enticing as any individual prospect. He’s an incredibly smart, savvy point guard prospect with a very smooth approach to the game. Greene is a brilliant playmaker with the necessary IQ, vision, and creativity to make some amazing passes. He’s an efficient scorer from all levels, but doesn’t need a ton of shots to make an impact. Greene is a capable defender and rebounder. 

6’9 ’23 Max Frazier (Durham Hurricanes)

At this point, the appeal should be fairly obvious with Frazier and everything he brings to the table. His combination of length, fluidity, and instincts immediately make him a problem for majority of opponents. Frazier is a useful rebounder, finisher, and floor-spacing option, but arguably possesses the most value as a rim-protector and overall defensive cog. His stock should be aggressively trending upward, especially as someone who seems likely to continue progressing. 

5’10 ’25 LJ Rush (1 of 1 Elite)

Various candidates from this squad are deserving of attention, but it’s difficult to ignore how consistently and effortlessly Rush dictates the action. He’s a smart, unselfish, balanced point guard prospect with excellent pace, patience, and change of direction. Rush touches the paint with ease, makes quality decisions, and regularly sets up others. He’s a polished scorer from all levels, but is arguably at his best when creating for others. Rush is a pesky on-ball defender with the necessary quickness to force turnovers at the point of attack. 

6’3 ’24 Peter Moye (Elite One)

The Elite One squad is quietly making their case among the better independent teams in the state, and Moye is a massive reason as to why. He’s simply a gamer. Moye consistently does a quality amount of everything and understands how to fill in the gaps as needed. He doesn’t force the action or play outside of the team concept, but can expand his production whenever necessary. Moye also defends and rebounds bigger than his size would imply. 

6’1 ’23 Mychael Mitchell (Charlotte Royals)

It’s easy to get intrigued with the pieces for the Royals, which certainly includes Mitchell and his scrappy two-way approach. He’s a tough, steady point guard prospect with excellent defensive prowess—especially at the point of attack. Mitchell regularly shuts down opposing guards with his blend of IQ, quickness, and positioning. He’s a quality playmaker and capable scorer who does a nice job of touching the paint and making the corresponding read. Mitchell should continue to lead this group. 

5’11 ’24 Christian Andrews (Upward Stars)
There are so many quality players within this program, and Andrews is as reliable as anyone right now. He’s not particularly big or explosive, but he’s a definite problem for opposing point guards. Andrews is a bully defensively, able to mirror ball-handlers, turn them, and force turnovers at a high volume. He’s a strong penetrator who sees the floor well and makes smart decisions as a playmaker. Andrews also finishes very well around the basket and can knock down perimeter jumpers at a nice percentage.