E.A. Prep

6'9 '19 Dei'Jean Corparan

Long, active, and intriguing, Corparan is still just beginning to scratch the surface of his two-way potential. He runs the floor purposefully and utilizes his length well to alter shots around the basket. Corparan plays hard at all times and should be able to become a productive big man with added strength.


Washington Academy Purple

6'4 '19 Michael Cunningham

The wing prospect highlighted his three-level scoring ability throughout this contest and showed a willingness to attack the rim whenever possible. He plays hard and aggressive on both ends of the floor. Cunningham showed the ability to force turnovers on defense containing his assignment pretty well.


Eastern Guilford

6'2 '21 Zion Conner

This Eastern squad has been short-handed throughout the day, but enjoyed excellent energy from Conner on both sides of the ball. He filled the gaps on offense and maintained his focus on defense quite well. Conner has an unorthodox shooting form, but showed the ability to knock down open looks, especially with time and space.



6'3 '19 Jabril McCormick

Long, intriguing, and fairly versatile, McCormick was arguably the most reliable two-way performer during this contest. He's able to score quite consistently from within the arc and showed numerous signs of a formidable post-game and three-point shot. McCormick has nice upside as a defender, especially given his willingness to guard anyone.


Farmville Central

6'2 '20 Justin Wright

There simply aren't many floor generals like Wright, who has the ability to dominate in a smooth, yet rugged, fashion. He's arguably the smartest player in the gym at all times, especially considering his incredible poise and decision-making. Wright is a knockdown shooter that can penetrate and convert through contact unbelievably well for his size. He's able to generate offense for himself and others with impressive frequency. Wright is a quality defender that contains his assignment well and forces an abundance of turnovers. He is guaranteed to lead and make his presence felt on every single possession.


6'3 '21 Terquavion Smith

The long, wiry off-guard has as much value as anyone on this team, given his three-level scoring chops and ability to single-handedly take over a game on offense. He's a constant threat to heat up and overwhelm opponents from the perimeter, but also knows how to take advantage of easy chances in the paint. Smith creates quite well off the dribble and can gain separation against nearly every matchup. He displays a great feel for the game and understands his role quite well on both ends of the floor.


West Forsyth

6'10 '20 Peyton Brown

Brown was the lone big man option outside of Ryan Ayers and did an excellent job of embracing his two-way role. He understands how to properly utilize his size around the basket for finishes and rebounds. Brown has nice touch on the block and alters an abundance of shots on defense. He runs the floor hard and plays aggressively on both ends of the floor.


North Mecklenburg

6'5 '21 Chris Ford

There have been many intriguing prospects on display, but Ford is arguably the most unique thus far. He's a walking mismatch, given his ability to create consistent offense and operate from the perimeter or interior. Ford has an excellent feel for the game and knows how to exploit opponents from all levels. He's very disciplined and knows how to impact all facets of the game extremely well.


5'11 '21 Tony Waters Jr.
Though somewhat small, Waters plays with a lot of passion and intensity on both ends of the floor. He scores efficiently from all three levels and understands his role extremely well with this team. Waters plays with a chip on his shoulder and it's quite evident on defense, where he does an excellent job of mirroring his assignment and eliminating space to operate.


Village Christian

6'11 '19 Fifi Quansah

The long-term potential of Quansah is simply ridiculous, but he also produces at a very consistent rate on both ends of the floor. His wingspan is impressive and he'll be able to develop into a high-level rim-protector with added strength. He has good timing and instincts on defense or when pursuing rebounds. Quansah showed the ability to move his feet in space and defend the perimeter whenever necessary.


Carolina Day

6'5 '19 Deangelo Elliott

The clear leader of this Carolina Day squad is Elliott, who burdens the scoring load nicely on a game-to-game basis. He's a prolific three-point shooter, but has consistently highlighted his ability to attack the basket and score from inside the arc. Elliott is more than just a spot-up threat, given his ability to handle the ball and pass to the open man.



6'3 '19 Jalen O'Neal

The wing/forward prospect possesses a pretty unique approach to the game, but displays excellent feel for his skillset and knows how to apply nonstop pressure to opponents. O'Neal has quality perimeter skills, but typically looks to exploit mismatches and utilize his length to overwhelm opponents around the basket. He's a college-level prospect that works well as a leader by example for this team.