6’6 ’23 Julius Harrison (NC Gaters)

At this point, nothing Harrison does should be surprising to spectators or on-looking college coaches. He’s only continued to showcase his seamless transition from versatility to all-around dominance, able to affect all facets of the game within the flow of the action. Harrison can reliably create for himself or others while standing out as a lethal shooter and consistent defender and rebounder. He will be a popular name over the next calendar year. 

6’2 ’22 Finley Simmons (NC Spartans)

Although the Spartans are such a balanced group, Simmons always finds a way to stand out as a leader and strong contributor. He’s a smart, skilled, and adaptable enough to successfully operate within various different roles for this group. Simmons does a little bit of everything and finds opportunities without forcing the action. He’s a reliable shooter and capable creator with the tools to play bigger than his size would imply. 

6’6 ’22 Nolan Hodge (NC Gaters/UNCW commit)

Though already committed, it’s easy to see the comfort level Hodge displays as the primary leader for this team. He’s shown a noticeable increase in aggression, both with and without the ball in his hands, and essentially controlled the action however he desired. Hodge has all the tools to be incredibly successful at UNCW, and that’s without even mentioning his obvious long-term upside. 

6’2 ’22 Xavier McKelvy (Charlotte Royals)

In terms of sheer dominance, one would be hard-pressed to find many guys more consistently impressive than McKelvy. He’s a strong, intense, powerful guard prospect with explosiveness, vision, and the ability to score from all levels with consistency. McKelvy is phenomenal in the open floor but also more than capable of operating within the half-court. He also stands out as one of the better defenders and rebounders, especially for his position, in the state. 

6’3 ’23 Gio Nannucci (Basketpoint)

Although we’ve seen him for quite a while, Nannucci always seems to impress upon returning to the travel ball landscape. He’s so skilled and polished with the necessary craftiness to operate as the focal point for an efficient offensive attack. Nannucci sets up others, applies scoring pressure from all levels, and displays a strong feel for the game on both ends of the floor. He’s still very intriguing, so it’ll be interesting to monitor his continued progression. 

6’5 ’22 Dawson McAlhany (NC Spartans)

It’s probably somewhat of a broken record at this point, but McAlhany continues to impress with his leadership and all-around dominance for this group. He showcased the full arsenal in a fairly efficient, yet nonstop manner. McAlhany plays hard, looks to do the dirty work, and leads by example in basically every facet of the game. It’s difficult to say anything new, but the kid is more than deserving of offers from scholarship-level coaches.

5’11 ’23 Logan Suber (Team Loaded 804)

Despite playing up, Team Loaded 804 consistently stood out as one of the tougher, more competitive teams on display—and Suber was a big part of their overall success. He’s a wiry, heady point guard prospect with IQ, vision, and a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. Suber defends very well, especially for his size, and positions himself very well to force turnovers against opposing ball-handlers. 

6’2 ’22 Omari Bolden (Big Shots Winston)

It should be no surprise that Big Shots Winston is among the most balanced squads in attendance, and Bolden is as valuable as anyone on their current roster. He’s a smart, reliable, well-rounded guard prospect with toughness and solid athleticism. Bolden is a polished scorer from all levels, but also displays vision and a willingness to make the right play. He’s also a pretty useful defender.