6’9 ’23 Torey Alston (Team Trezz)

Although there were a variety of quality prospects in attendance, Alston was arguably more impressive than anyone. He’s a long, wiry, fluid post prospect with impressive physical tools and a blossoming skillset. Alston already possesses touch, rebounding ability, and rim-protection instincts—which allows him to effectively control the paint on both ends of the floor. He’s a reliable finisher with the necessary skill to space the floor and handle the ball within a few dribbles. Add in his frame and athleticism, and it’s easy to see why Alston has generated so much buzz. 

6’1 ’23 DJ Jackson (Team Rise NC)

It’s easy to appreciate the balance within this Rise NC roster, and Jackson is quietly as valuable as anyone to their overall success. He’s a smart, unselfish, well-rounded guard prospect with the ability to initiate, create for others, and apply scoring pressure from all levels. Jackson is a useful defender and rebounder, especially for his size, and understands how to set the tone by example on both ends of the floor. 

6’2 ’25 Nas Newkirk (Team United GSO)

Though young, Newkirk definitely stood out among the top performers for Team United GSO. He’s a steady, well-rounded guard who can comfortably control the action with the ball in his hands. Newkirk is patient, unselfish, and displays a clear willingness to make the right play whenever possible. He can score the ball effectively from all levels, but doesn’t necessarily need the ball to make an impact. Newkirk is also a solid defender and rebounder who operates well within his role. 

6’0 ’23 Sal Dean (Chapmanville)

There was an impressive amount of balance within the Chapmanville approach, largely thanks to everything Dean brought to the table as the main ball-handler and overall creator. He got others involved, mixed up his scoring approach, and contained his assignment well defensively. Dean touched the paint, forced turnovers, and battled nicely on the glass. He should be a focal point for this group.  

6’6 ’24 Elijah Kelly (Team Trezz)
Few players in the building possess as much intrigue and long-term upside as Kelly, who continues to make steady strides within his progression. He’s a long, wiry wing/forward prospect with all the tools to be a versatile two-way piece. Kelly is a quality athlete with nice instincts and the ability to produce with or without the ball in his hands. He’s great in the open floor, but more than comfortable at making plays in the half-court. Kelly still has a ton of potential on both ends of the floor.