6’5 ’22 Chase Lowe (CC Elite)

It would be extremely difficult for anyone who watched this contest to say anything other than positives in regards to Lowe. His leadership is evident through his seemingly nonstop all-around production. Lowe runs a team exceptionally well, and utilizes his playmaking and size advantage to cause a ton of matchup problems for opponents. He displays great defensive versatility, makes intelligent decisions with the ball, and applies efficient scoring pressure from inside the arc. 

5’11 ’22 AJ Cook (CC Elite)

There are a ton of valuable contributors on this squad, and Cook is as vital as anyone on the roster. He makes smart passes, moves extremely well without the ball, and consistently poses a lethal spot-up threat from beyond the arc. Although an excellent off-ball threat, Cook also handles the ball and shows the ability to run the offense as needed. He battles defensively and works hard on the glass. 

6’4 ’23 Caleb Foster (Triple Threat Academy)

While it probably goes without saying, it’s so easy to appreciate Foster’s extremely poised, intelligent, unselfish game. He possesses a calm demeanor and balanced approach to the game, able to run a team with ease while also applying smooth scoring pressure from all levels. Foster is a quality defender, rebounder, and displays picturesque shooting mechanics. He simply sees the game different, and it’s evident in the way he moves and makes decisions. Foster is certainly an elite-level prospect. 

6’6 ’24 Malik Abdullahl (Team Hardaway Jr.)

There is definitely a lot of intrigue with this Team Hardaway Jr. squad, and Abdullahl makes his presence felt in a variety of different ways. He highlighted a useful blend of perimeter skills and ability around the basket. Abdullahl is a nice athlete with great length and clear two-way upside remaining. He will be a prospect to monitor with this group going forward. 

6’8 ’22 Luke Krawczyk (Mint Hill Lakers)

The Mint Hill Lakers were very balanced throughout this contest, and Krawczyk consistently found ways to stand out without necessarily needing to be a focal point offensively. He plays hard and looks to do the dirty work as much as possible, boxing-out, securing rebounds, and defending with toughness inside the paint. Krawczyk understands how to effectively roll or pop out of the two-man game. 

6’1 ’22 Omari Bryson (Next Level SC)

Although there were numerous notable contributors for Next Level SC, Bryson was arguably their main difference-maker in this showing. He’s a leader, both by example and through communication, and understands how to set the offensive tone for this group. Bryson is a useful passer and capable defender with excellent shot-making ability from the perimeter. 

6’10 ’22 Tichyque Musaka (Sheed Wallace Select)

The appeal should be fairly obvious for Musaka, as a long, fluid, extremely athletic post prospect with phenomenal abilities as a rim-protector and overall defensive anchor. He runs the floor very well in transition and finishes above or through contact with regularity. Musaka can operate out of the post and even space the floor at a solid rate, so it’s easy to see why high-major programs have made him a priority. After reclassifying, he’s even more enticing.