#63- Isaac Parson- Through three games, Parson has arguably been the most impressive guard in attendance. He’s sharp, quick, and makes the smart play with phenomenal consistency. Parson handles the ball with poise and has scored the ball efficiently from all levels, but especially well from inside the arc. His recruitment should continue to trend upward, as he’s a definite scholarship-level prospect.


#39- Logan Botts- Though somewhat undersized, Botts has been one of the most well-rounded players thus far. Botts offers an excellent blend between scoring and playmaking, which allows him to play alongside another ball-handler with relative ease. He shoots it extremely well from beyond the arc and understands how to mix it up regularly on offense.


#112- Noah Allred- The versatile power forward has looked exceptional at All-American Camp. Allred has rebounded and scored the ball in a variety of different ways. He’s worked out of the post, from the elbow, and beyond the arc, and has been extremely effective in every area. Allred displays a nice two-way feel for the game and truly possesses all the tools to be very successful at the next level.


#65- Lee Langstaff- In the same conversation with Parson, Langstaff has arguably been the best guard on display. He’s scored the ball with unparalleled efficiency while constantly looking to get others involved and make the smartest possible play. Langstaff creates incredibly well off the bounce and has no real weaknesses on either end of the floor. He’s a guy that scholarship coaches should definitely pursue.


#62- Axel Holm- The well-rounded guard has continually improved over the last few years and has gone from a shooter to a multipurpose threat. Holm handles the ball effectively and has the necessary vision to create for others. He’s in the right place at the right time on both ends of the floor and makes quality contributions on defense.


#67- Jay Hickman- Easily one of the most reliable shooters in the state, Hickman showcased more than just a knockdown three-point stroke today. He handled the ball, operated off the bounce, and displayed nice creation instincts—both for himself and others. Hickman also possesses excellent length and is capable of overwhelming opponents on defense. He’s another guy that should have scholarship coaches salivating.


#79- Umar Lawson- In terms of two-way performers, few guys have been more memorable than Lawson. He approaches every possession with an incredibly strong motor and does an unbelievable job of mirroring his assignment on defense. Lawson is a supreme athlete with the all-around explosion to take over a game. He also moves without the ball and makes a ton of hustle plays. Lawson is certainly one to monitor going forward.


#90- LucRichard Rameau- The strong-bodied guard prospect has placed an increased emphasis on football but has maintained his terrific basketball identity. Rameau is a relentless scorer that can create for himself or work without the ball. He plays with a strong motor and consistently makes his presence felt as a defender and rebounder.


#94- Jayden Beloti- There’s so much to like about the strong, skilled forward prospect, especially considering his ability as a walking mismatch. He does a strong amount of everything and displays a quality two-way feel for the game. Beloti is a great scorer that can reliably get downhill and make plays for himself or others.


#114- Elijah Ormiston- The high-motor post prospect has consistently stood out with his ability to rebound the ball. However, Ormiston also displayed a nice amount of skill–especially for his size. He finishes well around the basket and knocked down multiple jumpers from midrange and beyond. Ormiston isn’t going to “wow” spectators with his athleticism, but his all-around effectiveness simply cannot be overlooked.