Tennessee Prep:

6'6 '19 Traizon Byrd

The long, wiry wing prospect was extremely productive yesterday, shooting the ball exceptionally well from midrange and three-point territory. He carried his high-level play into their second showing at Phenom's National High School Showcase with the exact same approach. Byrd held opposing defenses accountable from the perimeter and stretches the floor very effectively. He's pretty athletic and displays a quality feel for the game, which makes him a difficult assignment for most opponents. Byrd embraces his role on both sides of the ball and does a great job of outworking his matchup.


6'4 '19 Darrell Belcher

The strong-bodied guard prospect did a quality amount of everything during this contest while leading by example on both sides of the ball. He displayed the ability to score the ball on all three levels with consistency and relative ease. Belcher is intelligent and provides his team with a calm, steady presence at all times. He forced multiple turnovers and was very impactful in transition. Belcher is a capable creator for himself and others, and should be an impactful contributor at the Division I level.


DME Academy:

6'10 '21 Moussa Diabate

It's impossible to mention top performers without focusing heavily on Diabate. The big man was absolutely spectacular yesterday, but he was simply dominant today. They made him the clear focal point of their offensive approach and he showed the ability to lead extremely well. Diabate displays incredible footwork, patience, and intelligence around the basket, able to regularly manipulate and control action from the post. He's a silky-smooth perimeter shooter and knows how to highlight it throughout the course of a game. Diabate provided an unbelievable defensive presence today, especially along the perimeter, where he disrupted opponents with his length and impressive quickness for his size. He rebounded at a high level and handled the ball extremely well from start to finish.


6'3 '21 Cheriff Kanoute

The strong, athletic wing prospect possesses incredible length and is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. He plays with an excellent motor and simply looks to create havoc however possible. Right now, Kanoute scores a strong majority of his points as a finisher, but showed flashes of a formidable jumper. He's an extremely hard worker and makes an excellent impact on defense through utilization of his length and nonstop energy.


Aspire Academy:

6'3 '19 Prosper Obidiebube

There are numerous noteworthy contributors on this team, but Obidiebube is the definite glue-guy of this squad. He's long, athletic, and versatile on both sides of the ball, which allows him to cause an abundance of matchup problems for opponents. Obidiebube is a capable perimeter shooter, but typically scores on cuts and finishes in transition. He knows how to keep the ball moving on offense and make plays for others whenever possible. Obidiebube rebounds really well on both ends of the floor, especially for his position, and defends at a consistently strong level.


Heritage Christian:

6'5 '20 Robertas Jonaitis

There is a lot to like with this Heritage Christian team, as they are extremely athletic and play very hard at all times. Jonaitis is an athletic wing prospect that applies nonstop pressure on both sides of the ball. He operates well within two to three dribbles and attacks the basket with aggression, constantly looking to play above the rim. Jonaitis works with a strong motor and was able to outwork his assignment quite well for rebounds on both ends of the floor. His jumper looked solid, but he definitely poses the biggest threat as an interior finisher.


United Faith:

6'0 '19 Chris Hill

The point guard position has been arguably the most loaded thus far, including guys like Hill that have been the unsung heroes for their respective squads. He knows how to control the game and tempo extremely well while consistently making plays off the dribble. Hill is a stocky, intelligent floor general with great poise and playmaking instincts. He takes care of the ball and does an excellent job of locating the open man and then immediately making the right pass. Hill is a fundamentally-sound player that is like a coach on the floor.


6'2 '19 Marcus Henderson

This United Faith squad plays a very modern style of basketball that embraces unselfishness and ball-movement, which typically starts with Henderson. He's arguably the motor that makes this team go, though he doesn't really possess an aggressive mentality on either side of the ball. Henderson maintains the mindset of a silent killer and simply leads by example. He shoots the ball extremely well from all levels and shows a lot of intelligence and craftiness with the ball in his hands. Henderson is going to be a terrific contributor for Evansville over the coming years.


Hickory Grove:

6'5 '19 Regin Larson

A lot of attention gets centered to AJ Smith and Jacori Owens on this team, but Larson's role is also extremely vital. He's a very impactful floor-spacing forward with the ability to toggle between playing inside the arc or on the perimeter. Larson is smart and does a really great job of operating within his role. He shoots the ball very efficiently from all levels and is tougher than most opponents seem to credit him for. Larson is a clear college-level prospect that knows how to play the right way.


6'8 '21 Jacori Owens

The big man continues to make waves as one of the most intriguing prospects across the state of North Carolina, especially in the Class of 2021. He's a calm, steady two-way presence with great touch and timing around the basket. Owens utilizes his size well and willingly sacrifices his body to gain extra possessions for his team. He's a solid post player with the ability to stretch the floor or penetrate and finish around the basket. Owens has a great feel for his skillset and should be a player that continues to trend upward.