6’2 ’25 Chad Traylor (United We Stand)

There are a lot of poised floor generals in the state, and Traylor is as impressive as any of them. He stands out as the clear leader of this group, both as their primary creator and tone-setting defender at the point of attack. Traylor is a reliable shot-maker with excellent vision and an understanding of how to consistently make the right play with the ball in his hands. He’s already so smart and dependable, so it’ll be exciting to watch his journey going forward. 

6’6 ’23 Freddie Dilione (Holy Rams)

It should be pretty obvious to the masses by now, but Dilione is a special player. His ability to generate shots, create clean looks, and score from anywhere on the floor is undeniably impressive. He simply moves different, and it makes the game appear effortless. Dilione is a great athlete and playmaker with IQ and defensive instincts. He’s a dominant player who should be as productive as any player in the state. 

6’2 ’24 CJ Vaughn (Winston-Salem Christian)

Given the structure of Winston-Salem Christian Regional, it seems like Vaughn is set to have a massive season. He’s long, athletic, and shooting the ball at a quality percentage from along the perimeter. Vaughn is capable of initiating the offense and setting up others as needed, but typically looks to apply scoring pressure from all levels within the flow of the offense. He also forces turnovers and makes his presence felt in transition. 

6’2 ’23 Gavin Bullock (Team Force)

While each player on this team brings value, one could argue that Bullock is a huge x-factor for the overall success of this group. He’s a tough, versatile, high-motor piece who is probably the closest thing to a position-less player in public school basketball. Bullock defends traditional bigs incredibly well, makes his presence felt on the glass, and causes matchup problems with his overall skill level. His IQ and discipline make him such a reliable cog.