6'1 '23 Jaiden Thompson (Team Force)

Although the twins receive a lot of attention (and rightfully so), Thompson is as valuable and important as anyone to the success of this team. For all intents and purposes, he could be considered the third brother. Thompson adds another reliable guard presence with IQ, vision, toughness, and scoring prowess. In this showing, he created shots, hit jumpers, kept the ball moving, and made plays defensively. Thompson is simply a dependable player who competes, makes the right read, and sets the tone by example on both ends of the floor. 

6'5 '24 Jayan Walker (Chris Clemons Elite)

There are a lot of useful pieces on this Chris Clemons Elite, and it's easy to appreciate the leadership Walker brings to the table. He's a strong, skilled, physically imposing wing prospect with a clear willingness to adapt to whatever the team needs. Walker is a perimeter player, but typically operates as an interior piece given his size, strength, and the roster's general lack of traditional big men. He finishes, shoots the ball at a high percentage, and can make plays when attacking from the wing. Walker also rebounds his position and forces turnovers at a consistent rate. 

6'8 '25 Dylan Clark (The Ville)

It feels like Mooresville might be even better this season, and Clark will be a major x-factor in determining their nightly success. He's a long, mobile big man who has shown consistent growth in his development over the last calendar year. Clark moves well for his size, finishes nicely around the basket, and alters shots defensively. He also runs the floor properly in transition. Clark should only continue to get better over the foreseeable future. 

6'7 '24 Ty Outlaw (Team Spartans)

The balance being shown by Team Spartans has been impressive, and Outlaw has done an excellent job of manning the paint on both ends of the floor. He's big, strong, mobile, and physical, which allows him to naturally overwhelm opponents on either end of the floor. Outlaw finishes well, both above and below the rim, and can knock down perimeter jumpers at a respectable rate. He utilizes his body well to secure position, collect rebounds, and play through contact offensively. 

6'6 '24 Antoine Hurns (Holy Rams)

Though he might not the focal point of this team, Hurns is a guy worthy of attention from scholarship-level coaches. He's a long, fluid athlete with explosiveness and the ability to make plays with or without the ball in hands. Hurns rebounds, blocks shots, and finishes consistently around the basket. He finds a ton of opportunities through cutting, running the floor, and lurking for putbacks on the offensive glass. Hurns can also knock down the occasional jumper, but usually makes his presence felt through length, energy, and general athleticism. 

6'8 '23 Ashton Troutman (Team Spartans)

Few teams have shown more improvement over the course of the Hoopstate League than Team Spartans, and Troutman is a massive reason as to why. He's a skilled post player with touch, mobility, and floor-spacing ability. Troutman can reliably operate from the block, finish with either hand (or above the rim), and passes well for his size/position. He rebounds, alters shots, and runs the floor hard in transition. Expect him to have a big year as one of the main seniors on this roster. 

6'1 '23 Jake Hart (Strong Center)

Despite being short-handed as a group, it was easy to see how much Hart is capable of impacting a game. He's a smart, unselfish point guard with a terrific motor and the ability to affect the action with or without the ball in his hands. Hart shoots the ball at a high percentage, makes quality reads as a playmaker, and defends his assignment with purpose. He does the little things that affect winning on both ends of the floor. Hart simply knows how to lead, regardless of setting or surrounding teammates.