6’0 ’21 Jamori McDougald (Trinity Christian)

There were a lot of prospects to like from this Trinity Christian squad, considering their incredible amount of talent, but McDougald was arguably their best from this contest. He’s a smart, heady guard prospect that can operate as a primary creator or place emphasis on scoring as an off-guard. McDougald shot the ball with great efficiency from the perimeter and regularly took opponents off the dribble. He forced numerous turnovers, pushed transition play, and made his presence felt from start to finish. 

6’0 ’20 Jajuan Carr (Pender)

In terms of sheer dominance, no prospect has been better than Carr, who was the ultimate leader for his team throughout the day. He’s so smart and tough, which allows him to get wherever he desires off the dribble. Carr is a very sharp, decisive decision-maker with excellent vision and the ability to assert himself as a scorer in a variety of different ways. He utilizes his body when attacking the basket and displays a true floor general’s sense/mentality whenever on the court. Carr is a disciplined defender with great anticipation instincts. 

6’4 ’20 De’Andre Downing (Washington County)

Few teams have been more balanced than Washington County, and Downing has been a leader for most of the season. He’s long, wiry, athletic, and fairly versatile on both ends of the floor, which makes him a constant threat to wreak havoc unto opponents. Downing handles the ball and creates effectively off the dribble, both for himself and others, but typically works without the ball in his hands. Although his form is somewhat unorthodox, he shot the ball pretty well from the perimeter throughout this contest. 

6’5 ’21 Drake Maye (Myers Park)

No player entered this event with more obvious hype than Maye. Although known for his football ability, he’s capable of doing legitimately anything on the court and does so at a consistently high level. Maye can operate as a primary creator, assert himself as a scorer in various different ways, and everything in between. He’s an excellent passer with an exceptional feel for the game. Maye also rebounds the ball incredibly well on both ends of the floor and has no trouble pushing the break/controlling the action in transition. 

6’11 ’20 Burke Smith (Trinity Episcopal)

Although Henry Coleman was basically unstoppable throughout this contest, Smith had more than his fair share of flashes. Headed to Boise State, the wiry big man displays great touch around the basket and knows how to utilize his length to secure rebounds/extra possessions. Smith can stretch the floor and knock down the open perimeter jumper at a solid rate, but typically looks to set up and make plays from the block. 

6’3 ’20 Jordan High (First Flight)

As undeniably consistent as Dylan Blake is, this game will be remembered for High’s remarkable performance. He’s a knockdown shooter, but does so much more on the court. High does a great job of moving without the ball, getting downhill and penetrating, and being a steady presence on both ends of the floor. He’s stronger and tougher than he looks and shows the capabilities of being a leader in various different ways. 

6’0 ’22 Khalil Marshall (Word of God)

There are a ton of nightly standouts for Word of God, but Marshall was arguably their best during this contest. He’s smart, quick, heady, and offers a quality balance between scoring and playmaking. Marshall typically approaches the game with a calm demeanor and focuses on setting up others. However, they needed him to score and he did so with great efficiency. Marshall did a great job of eliminating space and disrupting opposing ball handlers on defense.