Heritage IJN

6'5 '20 Robertas Jonaitis

Right now, the most reliable and productive performer on this squad is clearly Jonaitis. He's a long, explosive wing prospect that has a ton of attainable upside on both sides of the ball. Jonaitis handles the ball well and is able to consistently create his own shot, typically preferring to get to the basket and finish above the rim with his deceptive leaping ability. He's still so new to the game and truly just scratching the surface of his long-term potential. That being said, Jonaitis is an effective three-level scorer with a blossoming perimeter jumper and the ability to lead his team in scoring on a game-to-game basis. He's a big-time rebounder for his position and continues to improve as a defender with each passing contest.


6'5 '23 Debaba Tshiebwe

As one of the youngest players on this roster, it's pretty clear that Tshiebwe is absolutely overflowing with long-term upside. He's big and strong, but looks likely to continue getting bigger over the coming years. Like his brother, Tshiebwe plays incredibly hard and rebounds the ball at a high level for his size, which translates extremely well'regardless of competition. His offensive identity is still in the works, but he does an excellent job of fighting through contact and finishing strong around the basket.


Tri-City Christian

6'11 '20 Francesco Borra

This Tri-City team is extremely tough, which tends to start with their primary big man in Borra. He's big, strong, and fundamentally-sound in basically every facet of the game. Borra executes extremely well from the low-post, really strong going to either hand and finishing around the basket. He showed signs of a formidable three-point stroke, but is intelligent enough to operate primarily in the paint and only utilize his perimeter shot when necessary. Borra displays a terrific feel for the game on both sides of the ball and protects the rim with poise. He's a clear Division I prospect, but it'll be interesting to see where he ends up, as he could succeed at numerous different programs.


6'6 '20 Aleksandar Stoimenov

There's been an emphasis on perimeter shooting throughout the last decade, simply preparing us for guys like Stoimenov, who are directly from the 3-and-D mold. He possesses nice size and applies constant pressure as a spot-up threat, though he also showed some craftiness off the dribble. Stoimenov embraces his role exceptionally well, moving and relocating without the ball to set himself up for three-point daggers. He defends quite well and should definitely continue receiving looks from various schools, as he clearly will carve out a role at the next level.


Great Bridge Christian

5'11 '19 Kris Norman

There are various different dynamics to this Great Bridge squad, as they possess an intriguing mix of big men and perimeter players. Norman is probably the most reliable guard of the group, given his scrappiness on defense and quality mix of passing and scoring on offense. He's quick with the ball in his hands, able to effectively get by most opponents and make plays within the paint. Norman scores pretty well and forces turnovers at a solid rate. He's a clear college-level prospect from the point guard position.


6'7 '19 Bassirou Diop

The long, athletic wing prospect was one of the most effective all-around players from this contest, able to make his presence consistently felt on both end of the floor. He attacks the basket aggressively and looks to play above the rim whenever possible, but can also take advantage of open perimeter jumpers. Diop is already quite useful, but he looks likely to continue improving and adding physical strength once he steps on campus at Hampton.


First Love

6'7 '19 JaMier Fletcher

The strong-bodied big man simply consumes space around the basket and causes massive problems for opponents with his size. Fletcher typically looks to bully his matchup on the low block, as very few guys can match his strength and most usually get barreled out of the way. He rebounds at a terrific rate on both ends of the floor and makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands. Fletcher is quite in-tune with his strengths and weaknesses, and has done an excellent job of maximizing his skillset.


6'5 '19 Naim Miller

The Mount St. Mary's commit simply knows how to affect the game without forcing the action. He's an impactful defender that can guard two to three positions with relative ease given his blend of athleticism and quality instincts. Miller gets to the basket nicely and showed the ability to finish through contact, especially in transition. His passing is likely his most underrated asset, as he makes great decisions with the ball in traffic and can accumulate assists without turning over the ball.


Moravian Prep

5'11 '19 Kamari Scott

This team is headlined by numerous stars, but Scott plays an extremely vital role for this squad. Scott provides great energy on both sides of the ball and makes an abundance of pesky contributions on defense. He handles the ball well and has great playmaking instincts, especially upon entering the paint. Scott displays a solid feel for the game and an understanding of how to properly maximize his skillset.


6'10 '20 Javarzia Belton
The biggest takeaway from this Moravian team is the steady progression of Belton, who is now a legitimate threat on both ends of the floor. He possesses an excellent frame with long arms and unbelievable strength. His post instincts have drastically improved, as he can regularly take advantage of mismatches and fight through double-teams. Belton utilizes his physical tools very well around the basket to impose his will onto opponents. His IQ continues to improve with each in-game repetition and it's becoming glaringly obvious that he can become a special prospect. Belton still maintains his intensity and poise as a rim-protector, which is where he'll have the most value at the next level.


Potter's House

6'7 '20 Thomasi Gilgeous-Alexander

The big-bodied point guard brings a lot of intrigue, given his blend of guard skills and physical gifts. He is the primary creator for this squad and does a terrific job of knifing into the lane for finishes and passes. Gilgeous-Alexander showed a lot of usefulness in the open floor, where he arguably poses his biggest threat to make plays with the ball in his hands. It'll be interesting to see how he develops going forward, especially given his size at the point guard position.


6'8 '19 Donta King

The strong-bodied power forward is typically the most explosive player on the court, regardless of competition, and that was clear today. King has continued to add strength over the last year and now can impose his will against nearly any opponent. He absorbs contact extremely well around the basket and can finish through virtually anything. King usually plays as the lone big man for this team, but should be even better once he settles into his normal position at the next level. College of Charleston will find a lot to like with King, especially if he continues to sharpen his perimeter skills, as he'll be simply dominant.


Word of God

6'3 '19 Tim Pettiford

There are a lot of quality players on this roster, which certainly includes Pettiford and his ability to fill various different voids for this team. He's a long, athletic and very active on both sides of the ball. Pettiford rebounds nicely for his position and understands how to properly utilize his length on defense. His ability to do the dirty work and switch across multiple positions makes him quite valuable to this team.


6'9 '20 Josiah Shackleford

The rim-diving big man has continued to improve throughout the last few months and now looks ready to start impacting the game in more ways. He has a lot of clear upside, but is gradually beginning to harness his ability to protect the rim at a high level. Shackleford runs the floor purposefully and is always looking to pursue the ball, especially on rebounding opportunities.


Asheville Christian

6'1 '21 Collin Mills
The guard prospect has elevated various facets of his game, including on defense, where he's become a real menace. Mills does an incredible job of eliminating operating space for opponents when defending the point of attack. He's able to consistently force turnovers and push transition play, where he highlights his ability to make the right pass to open teammates. He's another player in the loaded Class of 2021 in North Carolina that should be monitored closely going forward.


6'4 '20 Tyler McKinney

There's nothing negative to say about McKinney, who continues to be the top all-around presence on this team. He offers a nice blend of ball-handling, passing, scoring, and defense, essentially giving him no holes within his skillset. McKinney is simply willing to do whatever necessary to provide his team with an edge. He's a calm, steady presence that sets the tone with his defense and high IQ play.