6'3 '25 Omaurie Phillips (Team Trezz)

Although there were a ton of standouts on this Team Trezz roster, Phillips consistently found ways to stand out with his tough, rugged approach. He's a very physical, athletic wing prospect who doesn't require offensive touches in order to make a lasting impact. Phillips plays extremely hard, pursues rebounds and loose balls, and does the little things on both ends of the floor. As a wing, he finished with a points-rebounds-blocks triple-double'which speaks for itself. 

5'11 '25 Bryce Hill (Save Sports)

It's easy to appreciate the overall approach of this Save Sports squad, and Hill arguably stood out as their most impressive piece. He's a small, sharp guard prospect who can absolutely fill it up in a variety of different ways offensively. Hill can effortlessly create for himself or others, scores with efficiency from all three levels, and mix it up enough to keep defenses guessing. He's quick, polished, and legitimately stands out as an offensive weapon.

5'10 '25 Derek Ross (Wildcats Elite)

Despite some struggles as a team, Ross was quite easily the most impressive performer on display. He's a smart, crafty, balanced point guard prospect with incredible pace and decision-making ability with the ball in his hands. Ross effortlessly chopped up opponents and got literally wherever he wanted on the court, but still prioritized making the right play at every opportunity. He was nothing short of dominant and truly showcased a complete game in this contest.

5'10 '25 Josh Yates (Carolina Riptide)

There were multiple standout performers in this showing, and Yates consistently stood out as a major difference-maker. He's a smart, savvy, polished point guard prospect with a natural playmaking sense and ability to unselfishly dictate the action with the ball in his hands. Yates can really fill it up as a scorer, especially from beyond the arc, and displays a great change of pace. He handles the ball with care, breaks down opponents with craftiness, and makes the right play with unwavering consistency. 

6'0 '24 Grant Hamilton (CC Elite)

The CC Elite roster is loaded with lethal shooting threats, but Hamilton might be among the best three-point marksmen in the entire state. He's a steady, unselfish, fairly well-rounded guard prospect who poses a lethal spot-up threat from beyond the arc. Hamilton handles the ball well, makes solid reads, and moves properly as a cutter. He should be poised for a very productive high school season. 

6'8 '24 Bruce White (Charlotte Royals)

The Charlotte Royals showcased a pretty balanced approach as a group, and White consistently found ways to stand out within his role. He's a big, strong-bodied post prospect who moves well, pursues rebounds, and alters shots effectively around the basket. White displays a nice motor and understands how to make hustle plays on both ends of the floor. He should only continue to get better over time. 

6'2 '24 John Campbell (NC Spartans)

Though the NC Spartans are quite balanced, Campbell continues to shine as a focal point with this group. He's a long, wiry guard with IQ, vision, and the ability to score in a variety of ways. Campbell gets downhill, makes decisive moves, and understands how to make the right play on a consistent basis. He rebounds, defends his position, and forces turnovers at a nice rate. Campbell only seems to get better with each viewing. 

6'3 '24 Brandon Ihle (Garner Road Select)

Although there were many standouts for this group, Ihle made a lasting impression from start to finish. His foundation was predicated on being an undersized forward who simply outworks opponents on both ends of the floor. While he has maintained his high-motor abilities, Ihle has become a knockdown shooter from the perimeter. He rebounds the ball very well on both ends of the floor, runs hard in transition, and fills in the gaps as needed.