6’6 ’22 Jordyn Surratt (Upward Stars)

There’s an obvious amount of talent within this Upward Stars roster, and Surratt embraces his identity as well as anyone. He has the ability to be the focal point for a team, but genuinely thrives in any role. Surratt lets the game come to him and makes plays within the flow of the action. He’s a well-rounded wing prospect with IQ, size, skill, athleticism, and two-way versatility. Surratt should collect at least another dozen offers over the coming months. 

6’0 ’21 Brandon Cherry (Full Court)

Leadership has various different forms with this Full Court squad, and Cherry was arguably their leader during this contest. He did a little bit of everything on offense while consistently containing his assignment and battling on the glass. Cherry scored the ball from multiple levels and made his presence felt in transition. His works well with others and displays a pretty effective game on both ends of the floor.  

6’5 ’21 Sageny Horace (East Coast United)

The East Coast United squad was incredibly fun to watch, and Horace was a major part of their appeal. He operated as the primary cog and most versatile two-way player on the floor, which led to success on either side of the ball. Horace displayed IQ, ball skills, and showed a willingness to do the dirty work. He certainly has the makings of a next-level prospect. 

5’11 ’21 Jalen Breazeale (Upward Stars)

Few programs in attendance are as talented as Upward Stars, and Breazeale is arguably the most underrated player on the roster. He’s smart, quick, and makes a ton of decisive moves off the dribble, showing a balance between scoring and playmaking. Breazeale is tough and finishes well through contact around the basket. He’s great in transition and understands how to make the right play with the ball in his hands.

6’8 ’22 Shane Fernald (Collegiate Prep)

In terms of production, one would be hard-pressed to find many players more consistent than Fernald. He’s extremely well-rounded with the necessary IQ and abilities to genuinely affect all facets of the game. Fernald plays with a high motor and noticeable chip on his shoulder, especially as a rebounder and defender. His game might not be flashy or sexy, but Fernald is absolutely the type of player that every team needs on their roster. He’s simply a winner.

7’0 ’22 Christian Reeves (Collegiate Prep)

There’s a considerable amount of enticing long-term prospects, but Reeves is arguably as appealing as anyone in attendance. The physical tools were already in place for him to be special, but it’s the improved aggression and overall mentality that should have college coaches excited. Reeves did an excellent job of rebounding the ball, altering shots around the basket, and finishing through contact. It’s only a matter of time before his recruitment takes off. 

6’3 ’21 Cameron Buchanan (NLPB)

The NLPB program has been firing on all cylinders throughout the summer, and Buchanan was clearly their most impressive performer during this contest. He’s somewhat of a glue-guy but found himself in an expanded role, which resulted in a ton of success. Buchanan scored the ball in numerous ways, made smart decisions, and consistently played bigger than his size would imply as a defender and rebounder. 

6’4 ’22 Josh Scovens (New Light Disciples)

The New Light Disciples have done a tremendous job of accumulating talent within the Greensboro area over the years, especially when you add Scovens to the mix. He’s clearly been working during these uncertain times and looked purely dominant throughout this showing as a direct result. Scovens has improved his body, athleticism, and perimeter ability while maintaining his smart, crafty, rugged interior presence. He should be poised for a very productive upcoming season. 

6’5 ’21 Taihland Owens (Georgia Allstars)

Despite being arguably the most talented team in attendance, it seems that coaches must’ve missed the mark with Owens. Possibly the most underrated player on display, he’s shown all the makings of a high-level player throughout the weekend. He’s handled the ball, shined defensively, scored in numerous ways, and created for himself and others. Owens doesn’t possess any glaring weaknesses and should start receiving more action within his recruitment. 

6’2 ’21 Shamar Hickson (Team Renegades)

Various players stood out during this championship contest, but Hickson was quietly among the best. He’s a terrific finisher around the basket, showing the necessary toughness and craftiness to score with varying amounts of pressure. Hickson makes quality passes, capitalizes in transition, and understands how to outwork his assignment in most areas of the game.