6’6 ’22 Elijah Gray (Team Synergy)

In many ways, Gray was among the most impressive players from day two of Phenom Champion Showcase. He showcased a newfound aggression and actually played his best two-way game while nearly angry. Gray handles the ball quite well, especially for his size, and scored the ball in a variety of different ways. He worked from the block, displayed footwork, finished over either shoulder, and highlighted an excellent faceup game. It should be fairly obvious at this point, but Gray is going to be a really nice prospect, especially if he continues to play hard and intense.


6’2 ’21 Ryan Roberts (NC Ice)

Though short-handed today, Roberts did a phenomenal job of leading this NC Ice squad beyond his usual offensive dominance. His all-around shooting will always stand out, as it’s what he has built his foundation on. However, Roberts has come a long way over the last calendar year and now is a legitimate defender, rebounder, and creator. He’s great in transition or the half-court and has continually gotten craftier with the ball in his hands. College coaches should start getting excited about this one.


6’3 ’22 Julius Reese Jr. (Team Winston)

There’s a lot to like with this Team Winston, especially when Reese is involved. He’s such a well-rounded player that simply exudes productivity, regardless of setting or opponent. Reese mixes it up quite regularly on offense, scoring regularly from all three levels while constantly attacking the basket and looking to set up others. He does a nice job of leading by example and outworking his assignment on the glass.


6’1 ’21 Cole Sinclair (Durham Hurricanes)

If anyone looked poised for a big-time breakout season, it was Sinclair. We’ve known about and followed him closely since the start of his journey, but it appears that his game is about to reach another level. He’s always been a high-IQ leader that can outperform his assignment in every statistical category while shutting them down defensively. Sinclair scores the ball very efficiently from all levels, but is extremely reliable from beyond the arc. His recruitment will be one to monitor, as he should take off sooner than later.


6’8 ’20 Nick Pringle (TMP)

Of all the new faces in attendance, Pringle was easily among the most memorable. He’s long, athletic, skilled, and displayed a terrific two-way feel for the game. After drastically growing over the last year, Pringle is now a clear Division I prospect with footwork, defensive timing, and an extremely appealing offensive repertoire. He worked well on the block, showing touch with both hands, but also looked to dunk on anyone in sight whenever possible. Pringle knocked down multiple shots from midrange and beyond, and really showed the ability to mix it up on that end of the floor. He’s definitely one to get excited about.


6’8 ’21 Nate Brafford (Team Charlotte)

Folks can tend to overlook Brafford at times, likely because of his slender frame, but he’s an absolute monster in the making. He’s polished and shoots it well from the perimeter, however, upon closer examination, one will realize his impressive timing and two-way feel for the game. Brafford is going to be an absolute force with strength, given how well he already rebounds and operates around the basket. He ran the floor well in transition, accumulating multiple blocks and dunks from his efforts in the open floor. Only time will tell just how special Brafford could be, but the appeal should be fairly obvious for college coaches.


6’0 ’22 Jackson Helms (NC Gaters)

Few guys were more vital to their team’s success than Helms, who was the leading force in their comeback victory today. He really dialed in at halftime, deciding to dig deep on defense, set up his teammates for buckets, and get into the lane for runners and finishes. Helms made quality decisions down the stretch and consistently pursues rebounds on both ends of the floor. He’ll be one to keep an eye on this season, as he should have a very productive year.


5’10 ’22 Kennard Davis (Team Charlotte)

It’s so tough to not get blown away by the amount of quality guard play for Team Charlotte, especially in regards to Davis. He’s an intelligent lead guard prospect with vision and excellent scoring ability, especially from beyond the arc. Davis is a major tone-setter for this group and understands how to lead on both ends of the floor. He also positions himself nicely for on-ball steals and makes great decisions in transition.


6’3 ’21 Glenn Bynum Jr. (Team Charlotte)

In all honesty, no player in North Carolina works as hard as Bynum, especially on a game-to-game basis. He plays with such an unparalleled motor, constantly able to make plays without necessarily needing to score. However, Bynum always finds a way to get buckets. He’s a great cutter, spot-up threat, and creator off the bounce, which allows him to consistently apply pressure from all three levels. Bynum is a terrific rebounder that pursues every available loose ball and pushes the break with poise. He’s the type of player that all types of programs should take a harder look at, as he’s a true winner with intelligence and leadership qualities.


6’5 ’22 Travis Shaw (Greensboro Warriors)

No player was more physically dominant than Shaw, who is way more than just a strong body. Already a high-level football recruit, Shaw is also incredibly talented on the hardwood. He’s built like a tank, but has a ton of refined qualities within his skillset and is arguably the most productive player on this roster. He scores the ball effectively from around the basket, able to clear out space against anyone, but also has phenomenal vision and proved to be a willing passer. Shaw is a lock to play football in college, but it sure is fun to watch him compete, dominate the glass, and assert his will on the block.


6’9 ’20 Myles Evans (NC Empire)

Despite being short-handed, NC Empire looked exceptional over the course of this weekend and Evans was a major part of that. He’s been working his way back since recovering from a knee injury and finally started to look like himself again. Evans is a big, smart post prospect that does a great job of rebounding, protecting the rim, and playing within the team concept on offense. He knows his role and maximizes it quite well, so it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s even better than before.