#116- Jonas Aidoo- No prospect has been more impressive than Aidoo, a high-level shot blocker with an expanding offensive game. He’s so long and fluid, but also displays a ton of skill and meticulousness within his approach. Aidoo is a tremendous rebounder with excellent instincts and the ability to run the floor—which leads to a ton of easy buckets in transition.


#21- AJ Thompson- The sharp, quick-witted point guard continues to make noticeable strides as a prospect. Thompson has a great two-way feel for the game and is able to actively get wherever he desires on the court. He shoots the ball well from the perimeter and can attack the basket at a ridiculous high rate, which leads to a ton of assists and finishes at the rim.


#72- Ian George Blue- He was somewhat quiet yesterday, but Blue came in with a vengeance today and made his presence consistently felt. He shot the ball at a consistently high level and made crafty decisions as a passer. Blue operated nicely in a variety of different roles and should be a major contributor during the upcoming season.


#7- Thomas Stafford- Though slightly undersized, Stafford definitely showcased an abundance of quality flashes during camp. He makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands, both as a passer and scorer, and understands how to make his presence felt at all times. Stafford defends and rebounds pretty well for his size, but it’s his ability to do so many things on offense that stands out.


#77- Ray Faison- Few players displayed a better motor than Faison, a strong, athletic guard prospect that was able to relentlessly get downhill and make plays from within the paint. He cuts well without the ball and displayed a nice IQ throughout the day, especially on defense. Faison actively looked to play above the rim whenever possible and caused a ton of problems in the open floor.


#100- AK Holden- The long, wiry, athletic forward is going to be a big-time contributor this season at Henderson Collegiate. Holden plays with consistently high energy and is quite versatile on the defense, given his ability to switch across three or four positions with relative ease. His offensive game continues to expand and should have college coaches very excited going forward.