#177- William Stumpf- The long, wiry forward prospect was among the more intriguing prospects on display from the weekend. He's quite explosive and plays bigger than his size would imply, both as a defender and rebounder. Stumpf runs the floor well in transition, makes hustle plays, and does a nice job of producing within his role on either side of the ball. 

#53- Kevin Stokes- After a strong showing during the first day of play, Stokes only continued to dictate the action for his team. He effortlessly burdened the offensive load, offering a blend of finishes, in-between moves, and hitting jumpers at a consistent rate. Stokes also made an impact defensively and on the glass. He's also great in the open floor. 

#184- Robert Moore- There is already a lot to like about Moore, despite only being a freshman. He's long, wiry, and skilled, which naturally seems to cause matchup problems for opposing forwards. Moore scores the ball efficiently from all levels, makes hustle plays, and displays useful athleticism around the basket. His upside is tremendous, and it'll be exciting to watch him going forward. 

#134- Palmer Crichton- Arguably the top shooting threat in attendance, Crichton has showcased the full arsenal throughout the weekend. He's a long, wiry, fairly athletic wing prospect with a high motor, naturally productive identity, and willingness to do the little things on either end of the floor. Crichton is a capable creator, rebounder, and defender with the ability to set up others and score from all levels. 

#61- Nikayle Hodge- Though young and slightly undersized, Hodge has found no issue asserting himself as a dynamic cog within this team. He's smart, quick, and crafty with the necessary vision and scoring ability to control the offensive action as a leader. Hodge also defends very well, especially for his size, and forces turnovers at a consistent rate'which regularly leads to fast-break opportunities. 

#17- King Dorsey- Despite being among the smaller guards on display, Dorsey was incredibly productive and continuously found ways to overwhelm his assignment. He's tough, crafty, and seems to get any shot he wants within the flow of the team structure. Dorsey is quite bouncy and finishes very well around the basket, but also sets up others and scores the ball effectively from all levels. 

#55- Antoine Grant- There were various useful contributors for this team, but Grant clearly dictated the action for majority of the weekend. He handled the ball, applied scoring pressure from all levels, and set up others as needed. Grant also displays toughness and well-rounded athleticism.

#131- Isaac Dobie- Although he's known for his shooting and production from an early age, Dobie's steady, straightforward game just seems to fit with any collection of teammates. He's a great spot-up threat, unselfish passer, and shows an understanding of how to excel within his role on either end of the floor. Dobie does everything at a solid to above-average level.