6’5 ’23 Walker Woodall (Wildcats Elite)

Even after numerous departures from Wildcats Elite, Woodall has been a steady, constant presence for them throughout the summer. Although his role has progressively changed, he’s seen no issue finding production while standing out as a leader. Woodall is a knockdown three-point shooter with size and a sturdy frame, but has also shown vision, solid creation skills, and the ability to work with or without the ball in his hands. 

6’7 ’25 Taye Smith (1 of 1 Rare)

There are so many enticing pieces on this 1 of 1 roster, and Smith might be as underrated as anyone in the bigger scheme of things. He’s a big, strong, mobile post prospect with a high motor and great athleticism. Smith knows how to excel as a low-maintenance cog, but can easily expand his production as needed. He finishes, rebounds, blocks shots, and runs the floor hard in transition. Smith is a team-first guy who should only continue to get better and better. 

6’1 ’23 Jasen Brooks (Pro One Biven)

It’s easy to appreciate the balance within this Pro One Biven squad, but Brooks quite clearly set the tone for this group. He’s a strong, polished guard prospect who comfortably dictates the action with the ball in his hands. Brooks is great at getting downhill and finishing through contact, but also shoots the ball at a very high percentage—both off the catch and bounce. He set up others, defended his position, and rebounded well for his size. 

6’4 ’23 Jesse Mitchell (Strong Center)

Numerous guys found ways to stand out for Strong Center, and Mitchell was arguably as impressive as anyone. He’s a knockdown shooter and polished scoring threat who truly doesn’t need the ball in his hands to apply offensive pressure. Mitchell moves well as a cutter, accesses his midrange pull-up, and forces opponents to stay attached along the perimeter. He also utilizes his size effectively to make his presence felt as a defender and rebounder. 

5’10 ’23 Matt Kirby (Team Push)

Though slightly undersized, Kirby possesses the type of identity that every true basketball fan should love. He’s a smart, tough, absolutely relentless two-way floor general who clearly understands how to set the tone on both ends of the floor. Kirby utilizes his incredible quickness to mirror opposing guards and force turnovers at a high volume defensively. He’s also able to touch the paint and make the correct decision with unwavering consistency. Kirby is the ultimate teammate and leader by example.

6’1 ’23 James McCreary (NC Spartans)

The Spartans have multiple guys who are capable of taking over a game, and McCreary certainly showcased dominance today. Though somewhat unorthodox, he’s a really polished scorer who can effortlessly fill it up but doesn’t require a ton of touches to do so. McCreary is a knockdown three-point shooter with a lethal midrange pull-up and the ability to consistently finish through contact. He’s a willing passer, engaged defender, and tough overall player who consistently outworks others.  

6’4 ’23 Tyrese Melo (Run The Citi)

Although there are a variety of appealing pieces on this roster, Melo brought a lot of intrigue through his blend of skill and physical tools. He’s a very long, wiry guard with feel, creation instincts, and the ability to score from multiple levels. Melo is comfortable with or without the ball in his hands, and knows how to overwhelm opponents with his defensive presence. He’s also a quality athlete. Scholarship-level coaches should be enticed. 

6’4 ’23 Cole Callaway (Carolina Riptide)

Given his status as their clear leader, no one should be surprised to see Callaway continuing to shine. That being said, he’s shown the ability to rebound and set up others while consistently applying offensive pressure from all three levels. Callaway is a knockdown shooter who knows his value as a three-point threat, and utilizes it to open up a ton of opportunities for himself and others. He also blocked multiple shots and made hustle plays in this contest. 

6’6 ’24 Cam Scott (Team United)

In all honesty, more people should be all-in with Scott and his long-term abilities as an incredibly smooth, polished player. Few players truly possess “all the tools,” but he legitimately has the entire package as a prospect. Scott is a quality athlete with a complete skillset and the necessary IQ to seamlessly fill in the gaps on both ends of the floor. He has no glaring weaknesses, and can comfortably excel/produce within any type of role.