5’9 ’25 Gavin Fields (Carolina Charge)

Though slightly undersized, it was easy to be impressed with Fields during his first showing of the day. He’s a blindingly quick lead guard with nice IQ and the ability to touch the paint at a seemingly nonstop rate. Fields finishes well, especially for his size, but also hits jumpers and creates well for himself and others. He’s a relentless defender with a willingness to make hustle plays. 

5’11 ’24 Isaiah Sanders (NC Rim Runners)

Although there were multiple standouts in this contest, Sanders was as impressive as anyone on display. He initiated the offense, scored the ball in a variety of ways, and consistently created for himself and others off the bounce. Sanders drew an insane number of fouls, converted every single free-throw attempt, and applied pressure from all three levels. He caused problems with his defensive presence and forced multiple turnovers. 

5’11 ’25 Braylen Bowen (Team Hope)

The Team Hope organization has so many enticing pieces, and Bowen is certainly included within that group. He’s a smart, crafty point guard with a great balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Bowen can effortlessly create for himself or others, and understands how to outwork his assignment for extra opportunities. He will be a prospect to monitor going forward. 

6’0 ’25 Miles Leaks (Team United)

While it would be easy to choose a variety of different candidates for this squad, Leaks has quietly been among their top performers throughout the weekend. He’s a knockdown shooter, especially from beyond the arc, and makes a strong impact without necessarily requiring the ball in his hands. Leaks moves well without the ball, sets up properly before the catch, and displays smooth, repeatable mechanics on every attempt. He’s also an active defender with quickness and IQ. 

6’6 ’23 Ian Clinkscales-King (NLPB)

The NLPB group highlighted a lot of resiliency in this showing, and Clinkscales-King was as valuable as anyone. He’s a sturdy, strong-bodied post prospect with a high motor and the ability to consistently secure rebounds on either end of the floor. Clinkscales-King utilizes his body to play through contact, both as a finisher and rebounder, and does a nice job of making an impact defensively. 

6’4 ’24 Austin Swartz (Team Charlotte)

Numerous guys stood out during the most intense game of the evening, and Swartz was certainly among the best. He’s an extremely smart, crafty shot-maker who doubles as an overall offensive weapon. Swartz is a quality passer and can assume playmaking duties as needed, but also works very well without the ball in his hands. He can create for himself and others, and knows how to mix it up offensively. Swartz rebounds and defends quite well for his position.