5’10 ’26 Max Van Weerdihuzen (Team United)

Although there were a ton of standouts for this loaded squad, Weerdihuzen consistently found ways to stand out within the flow of the action. He’s a very intelligent point guard prospect with an extremely low-maintenance identity. Weerdihuzen typically works with the ball in his hands, setting up others and constantly looking to make the right play, but can also find opportunities as an off-guard. He’s a reliable shooter, steady playmaker, and quality defender who simply knows how to make a consistent impact. 

6’8 ’23 Jareece Breeden (York County Legends)

The York County Legends are a very balanced squad, and Breeden is a major part of their overall identity. He’s an extremely long, wiry, mobile forward/post prospect who only seems to get better and better with time. Breeden is a quality finisher, rebounder, and shot-altering presence who runs the floor well in transition. Though already talented, his best basketball is likely still on the way. 

5’11 ’25 LJ Rush (1 of 1 Elite)

There are so many appealing prospects on this roster, which certainly includes Rush and his savvy point guard ability. He’s a very smart, crafty, poised floor general with great pace, vision, and scoring prowess. Rush is able to utilize his sharp quickness to effortlessly breakdown opponents off the bounce, make decisive moves through traffic, and finish or set up teammates. He’s simply a smooth player who makes great decisions with the ball in his hands. Should only continue to progress. 

6’2 ’23 Dallas Gardner (Team Charlotte)

It’s easy to appreciate Team Charlotte’s tough, rugged mentality, and perhaps no one on the current roster exemplifies these traits more than Gardner. He’s a strong, tough, athletic guard prospect with a great penetration sense and the ability to finish above the rim or through contact. Gardner is a quality defender and rebounder who offers a scrappy, physical presence at all times. He’s willing and ready to make hustle plays, and displays useful vision when getting downhill.

6’4 ’23 Nick Elliott (New Light Disciples)

After being absent yesterday, Elliott returned to the Disciples and played an extremely critical role in their eventual victory. He’s always been a lethal shooter with range, length, and the ability to heat up in a hurry. Elliott played within the framework of the offense, moved without the ball, and found his stride at the perfect time. He set the nets ablaze from beyond the arc, and seemingly couldn’t miss anything he attempted. Elliott is a definite college player who should continue to see various programs get involved. 

6’3 ’23 Jacoby Jackson (Anthony Morrow Elite)

The balance on Anthony Morrow Elite is easy to see, especially with someone like Jackson who knows how to excel within a role on both ends of the floor. He’s a knockdown shooter with size, strength, and defensive prowess. Jackson plays a very steady, straightforward, low-maintenance game and understands how to capitalize as needed. He should play a vital role for Chambers during the upcoming season. 

6’8 ’23 Clash Peters (Team Loaded)

Although others on this team tend to receive more attention, it’s quite difficult to ignore all the positive things Peters brought to the table. He’s a big, strong, mobile forward/post prospect with nice athleticism and an excellent skill level—especially for his size. Peters possesses great footwork on the block, finishes well with either hand, and can comfortably operate on the perimeter to hit jumpers or attack within a few dribbles. His recruitment should see an uptick sooner than later. 

6’5 ’24 Bishop Boswell (Team CP3)

Folks should find a lot of appeal within this Team CP3, and Boswell continues to turn heads with his impressive play. He’s a very smart, tough, well-rounded guard prospect who can effortlessly produce from either backcourt position. Boswell handles the ball with care, pushes the break with consistency, and makes great decisions in the halfcourt and open floor. He truly does a quality amount of everything, and has the necessary adaptability to thrive in a variety of different settings.