Lower Richland:

6’3 ’21 Korey Richardson

The two-way guard was able to make a nonstop impact during the opening game of the day, doing a strong amount of everything while leading his team on both ends of the floor. Richardson is so incredibly smart and sharp, especially when looking to make plays for others, as his natural instincts allow him to consistently control the offensive action from start to finish. He maintains an extremely calm demeanor and simply exudes leadership with his fundamental approach to the game, always looking to make the right play. Richardson shuts down the point of attack exceptionally well on defense and possesses the ability to contain both backcourt positions comfortably.


6’4 ’21 Quenton Flood

Like his year-round teammate (mentioned above), Flood has the chance to be a really special two-way prospect. He possesses an excellent blend of size, skill, and fluid athleticism for his position, which allows him to overwhelm opponents with relative ease. Flood plays with great energy and knows how to affect all facets of the game. He already has an excellent frame and understands how to properly utilize his body on both ends of the floor, welcoming and absorbing contact whenever necessary. Floor is a plus-level rebounder for his position and excels in transition.


York Comprehensive:

5’11 ’20 Malik Proctor

The unquestioned leader of this York squad was clearly Proctor, who showed the ability to make plays for others while applying constant three-level scoring pressure. He’s quick and does a great job of getting downhill and attacking the basket. Proctor made excellent decisions with the ball in his hands and was able to operate as the primary creator throughout this showing. He’s a pesky defender that knows how to bother his assignment and force steals on a regular basis. Proctor looked to be a scholarship-level prospect and should be worth watching during the upcoming season.


Oak Hill Red:

6’1 ’20 Brandon Dornevil

The combo-guard prospect was able to make his presence felt quite often during this showing, as he was the main scoring option for this Oak Hill Red squad. He possesses a nice combination of size and athleticism at the guard position, which allows him to take most opponents off the dribble and finish inside the paint. Dornevil worked hard on defense and pushed transition play whenever possible.



6’4 ’21 Dessie Canty

The most intriguing prospect on either team was Canty, who really controlled the action from start to finish. He is long, wiry, and displays a terrific two-way motor. Canty was able to score frequently and efficiently from all three levels while actively looking to get his teammates involved. He’s a smart player that knows how to create shots for himself or knock down perimeter jumpers off the catch. Canty forced numerous turnovers and caused problems for opponents defensively. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops going forward, as he could realistically become a big-time prospect.

The Miller School:

6’5 ’19 Dae Dae Heard

It’s difficult to find any negative qualities in Heard’s game, as he’s smart, poised, and seems to win every matchup—regardless of opponent. He’s a wing prospect that can operate within numerous different roles, but typically looks to utilize his well-rounded skillset and affect all facets of the game. Heard handles the ball effectively and does a great job of creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. He can attack the basket whenever he desires or bump off-ball and apply pressure as a spot-up shooter. That being said, Heard is arguably the most valuable on defense, where he’s able to seamlessly switch across four positions at the high school level.


6’8 ’19 Garrett Payne

The big man was arguably the most enticing prospect from either team during the third contest of the day. He’s committed to play baseball at NC State, but showed that he would’ve also been deserving of a basketball scholarship, if he had decided to pursue that route. Payne is bouncy and far more athletic than he appears at first glance, able to meet nearly anyone at the rim and finish through any amount of contact. He displayed a lot of offensive polish, able to score with either hand from the block or step out and knock down perimeter jumpers. Payne plays with a chip on his shoulder and does not back down from anyone.



6’0 ’19 Trevez Caldwell

There were an abundance of quality contributors for Irmo, but the combo-guard was arguably the most impressive, given the terrific scoring display he put on throughout this contest. Caldwell creates space exceptionally well and can score consistently from all three levels, which is exactly what he looked to do. He attacked the basket and finished nicely on penetration attempts, often absorbing contact and finishing strong inside.



6’1 ’20 Mason Grigg

The athletic guard prospect is a constant threat to shut down the gym with his high-flying aerial assault. His athleticism is clear on basically every possession, but he’s also incredibly skilled and scores efficiently from all levels. Grigg is a capable three-point shooter, but shows signs of dominance when attacking the rim or hunting for his midrange shot. He does a little bit of everything and is able to take over ball-handling duties whenever necessary, where he highlights his vision and craftiness on a regular basis.


5’8 ’21 AJ Thompson

The point guard prospect saw sporadic minutes during this contest, but showed numerous signs of being an impressive floor general. He handles the ball with poise and creates quality scoring opportunities for others quite often. Thompson possesses nice quickness and has no issue getting by opposing defenders, entering the paint, and showcasing his vision around the basket. His feel for the game is strong and does a great job of making the right read while seeing the entire floor.


Northwood Temple:

6’4 ’19 Travon Jackson

This Northwood squad seems to improve their cohesion every time they take the floor, and Jackson is a big part of that. His effort and energy is simply unmatched by most opponents, especially on the glass. Jackson regularly outworks his assignment on both ends of the floor and does a great job of securing offensive rebounds and immediately turning them into second-chance buckets. Jackson is like the glue-guy for this team, given how much he does, and was able to finish with a double-double in this showing.