Gray Collegiate:

6’4 ’19 Jalil Robinson

There are an abundance of talented South Carolina prospects that seem to get overlooked during the recruitment process, which certainly includes Robinson. He and various other underrated guys joined together on the Carolina Pressure, which was one of the top non shoe-circuit programs in the state last summer. Robinson did a great job of doing everything in this showing; he scored efficiently on all three levels while locking down on defense. Robinson rebounded really well and was able to showcase his excellent length and athleticism fairly often. He should be a definite scholarship-level prospect.


6’7 ’20 Jalen Deloach

The most intriguing player on this roster is Deloach, who also doubles as the most recent addition and best long-term prospect. He handles the ball like a guard and showed the ability to make plays in transition quite well for his size. Deloach possesses quality athleticism and can actively toggle between playing inside or on the perimeter. He shoots the ball pretty well and has clear upside as a creator from the perimeter. He’s an obvious Division I prospect that could assist a wide variety of programs at the next level.

Northwood Temple:

6’4 ’19 Josh Nickelberry

The Louisville commit never wavers with his approach to the game, displaying a terrific feel for creating space and scoring opportunities from all three levels with great consistency. He shot the ball extremely well in this contest and was the main driving force for Northwood Temple. Nickelberry draws fouls at an exceptional rate and took eleven free-throw attempts, knocking down seven in this showing. He’s so dynamic and frequently puts together extended stretches of unstoppable play.


Porter Gaud:

6’7 ’19 Josiah James

This was an excellent opportunity to see James run the show as the team’s primary scoring option, as he’s typically looking to set the floor for his teammates. He was able to get downhill and attack the rim whenever he desired, but also showed numerous improvements with his jumper, tightening his mechanics and becoming more consistent from the perimeter. James has a college-ready frame and should continue to physically develop throughout the coming years. There is simply no limit to his ceiling, especially if he keeps shooting the ball with incredible consistency at Tennessee.


6’0 ’20 Tobias Lafayette

The guard prospect was able to make his presence felt quite well throughout this contest, handling the ball, making quality passes, and scoring on a regular basis. Lafayette was the most reliable two-way performer after James and it was evident from the opening period. He stepped up whenever their star was moved to the bench and did a nice job of carrying the load.


York Prep:

6’3 ’19 Deuce Dean

The pure point guard carried the burden for York Prep, leading the team in scoring while still looking to get his teammates involved at every possible opportunity. He finished well around the basket and drew a lot of fouls along the way. Dean’s perimeter jumper looked great throughout this showing, able to knock down a three-pointer and multiple midrange attempts. Coaches should be looking into Dean as a scholarship-level prospect.


IMG Academy:

6’6 ’19 Josh Green

The Arizona commit was nothing short of spectacular in this contest, which isn’t surprising, as the game comes incredibly easy to him. He scores relentlessly from all three levels and possesses an impressive blend of shooting and athleticism. Green has a college-ready frame and utilizes his strength quite well on both sides of the ball. He’s a productive all-around player with intelligence and the ability to truly overwhelm his assignment whenever he wants.


6’8 ’19 Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

The Villanova commit was arguably the most intriguing player on display during the first day of the Battle at the Rock. He does a strong amount of everything and is a consistent three-point shot away from being downright dominant in all facets of the game. Robinson-Earl is very versatile on defense and moves extremely well for his size, able to work as a secondary rim-protector or step out to the perimeter. He controlled the glass on both sides of the ball and finished anything he attempted inside the paint.


United Faith:

6’1 ’19 Marcus Henderson

The Evansville commit was arguably the most reliable presence for this United Faith squad, operating as the primary ball-handler, setting up teammates, and attacking the basket regularly. He’s contained his matchup well and was able to create quality scoring chances throughout this contest. Henderson plays with a high IQ and doesn’t over complicate things while on the court, which should allow him to quickly carve out a role at the next level.