We continue to look at players up north, as we check in with 2025 Jaquan Womack from Paul VI.  Part of a loaded roster, Womack is a 6’7 wing prospect that continues to develop and should be getting more looks down the road. He talks more about his game and what he provides to the team, as well as a little update on his recruitment.

Phenom: You all have been having a tremendous season, but for you, how has it gone with your play and development?
Womack: Yes, definitely a tremendous season for the team. As far as me, I am available to help my team when needed and I do my best to contribute and play my part in helping the team succeed. I do my best to keep the team pumped and motivated, as well as obtain motivation from my team. I’m still working on my skill and going to continue to work and get better and better, mentally as well as physically.

Phenom: What has been kind of your role for your team?
Womack: Offering support and encouragement to the starting players. Studying the game and watching the tendencies of the opposing teams, while the game is going on so that when I come off the bench I can give good minutes, rebounding, being a defensive impact, make good passes, and clean up around the glass. Also, scoring when the opportunity is presented. Also, pushing my teammates and myself in practice, so that we are more prepared and conditioned when it’s game time.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game in how you like to attack?
Womack: When passing is not an option, I plan to or like to be aggressive with my attack. With my size and strength, I can use that to get to the basket.

Phenom: Though it is just starting for you, you did get that first offer from George Mason. How was that moment for you?
Womack: It was very exciting to finally get my first offer, and it was good knowing my mom wouldn’t have to pay for me to go to college.

Phenom: Do you know what other schools have expressed interest?
Womack: West Virginia and George Washington.

Phenom: Any dream school?
Womack: North Carolina.

Phenom: What are the Tar Heels a dream school for you?
Womack: Because I think they fit my play style, also I was always a big MJ fan growing up so ti would be a dream to go to the college he played at. Also, UNC is not to far from my family, so they could come see me play.