Ricky Goode-Wright 񂳇1, 160 2021 – James Monroe HS, Fredericksburg VA

Ricky is really fun to watch as he seemingly effortlessly slices through defenses with nimble ball handling, changes in speeds and direction and slippery penetration moves, a threat to score on the move or find the open cutter. 燞e is a high IQ floor general who finds a nice balance between facilitating and creating offense for teammates and for himself. He can break his defender down demonstrating a tight handle and an array of separation moves to get his shot off or draw his defender off balance with change of direction moves then blow by him into the lane. 燫eally does a great job finding angles to get to the basket and has a knack for using contact to his advantage. He is a threat in the mid range area not only because of his quickness and ability to abruptly stop then explode in motion but because he has an array of separation moves to get his shot off on a quick stop and pop. He can hit the step back jumper, is really smooth and consistent on the pull up jumper and he even uses some mid range fade-a-ways and the floater over taller defenders. 燞e can hit the three pointer at a good percentage and has deep range stepping into his shot off the dribble, has excellent shot mechanics, great extension. Ricky is most dangerous in attack mode with the ability not only to score the pull up jumper but he can get into the paint in the half court, collapse defenses and find the open man on the perimeter. He抯 a crafty, intelligent playmaker and an excellent facilitator in transition. Ricky抯 quickness and high IQ make him a productive contributor on the defensive end as well. 燞e has great instincts and toughness, plays with passion and energy and hounds the ball handler relentlessly. Ricky is really an exciting prospect with elite athleticism and court awareness. Coaches should keep their eyes on this talented young man as he displays so much promise and potential. He抯 a must see for sure!

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