Kenyon Giles 5'6 120 2022 Oscar Smith High School, Chesapeake VA

Kenyon is an incredibly agile and athletic guard with excellent scoring instincts and an array of breakdown moves. He is a crafty scorer who can find holes in the defense and explode into those holes and get into the lane where he is a threat to score or find the open man. His first step is ridiculously quick; he can change speeds and directions with effortless abrupt deceleration and explosive acceleration which allows him to blow by many defenders. If trying to stay in front of him isn't difficult enough and almost impossible, he has the ability to deceive defenders with ball fakes while on the move. Very tough to keep him out of the lane as he changes directions on a dime with the ball in his hands. One of the fastest players in his class in the 757! Kenyon seems to know where everyone is on the floor as he has excellent vision and compliments that with sound passing skills. Has a quick release and gets excellent extension on his shot, smooth stroke! Kenyon has no trouble getting his shot off in the midrange. Gets in the lane at a simply ludicrous rate for a point guard. Goes left or right equally well, which is impressive especially given his age as he has a sound grasp of fundamentals. Kenyon can draw a defender in a certain direction and then suddenly change direction and go right to the rim often beating the help defenders with his quickness. Knocks down a ton of floaters and short range jumpers and does a great job of using his body to protect the ball from bigger, stronger opponents. He is a high percentage shooter with range beyond the three point line and is a skilled shot maker despite his size. Kenyon is a high motor and talented defensive point guard who will defend the ball the length of the floor and make some plays. Does a very good job using his feet and not his hands, always in front of the play. He isn't going to effectively contest shots due to his lack of size but is quick to his closeouts and doesn't over commit when he is closing out on the perimeter. Kenyon is so active and gets to lose balls and long rebounds quickly, turning long rebounds into layups the other way. Always gets into position to receive the outlet immediately after the ball is possessed. He is very good on the ball as he reads the opponents dribble and with cat-like quickness strips his opponent of the ball and turns it into a layup at the other end. I've been watching Kenyon for three years and he always brings great energy and effort, is a consistent performer. He has tremendous potential and his upside is through the roof. He is a must see!

Kenyon Giles Highlight Video: