Efrem Johnson 6'1 155 2022 Boo Williams AAU

Efrem is one of the 757's most complete offensive players and is an elite level defender. He is very efficient shooting the ball at all levels and displays great court smarts, instincts and a beautiful jumper with three point range. Time and time again from high school to AAU he has come up clutch either hitting a big shot or getting to the free throw line where he is automatic, and shows great poise and reliability in late game situations. He is extremely consistent and although not a big time scorer at this point has that potential as he shoots at a high percentage from every angle on the floor. One of the youngest players on his high school team and in AAU as well he has not been called upon to be a big point producer but as he becomes more of a focal point there is no doubt but that he will be one of the 757's best scorers. Efrem does a great job moving without the ball and has a quick release. He exploits his ability to hit the jumper to open up other areas of his game and operates like a technician on the floor in the way he sets up defenders not only to create for himself but to move defenders and create open looks for teammates. Not a guy who will 'wow' you with crazy handles or explosiveness but he fundamentally sound, is extremely efficient and almost mistake-free. Efrem is an elite level on ball defender again displaying solid skills and a high IQ. He is in your face and does not get beat. He has an ample amount lateral quickness and sound defensive fundamentals but is tenacious in his effort and pressures the ball handler relentlessly. In any given moment and with cat-like quickness he can snatch the dribble away from an opposing guard and turn it into a fast break layup on the other end. He uses solid instincts and IQ as much as his high level of athleticism to affect plays. Efrem outworks people both in game and on the practice floor. He is a well liked teammate who brings positive energy and cohesiveness to the locker room. His leadership is the result of an unrelenting work ethic, an always upbeat attitude and of course it helps when you're known to be reliable in the clutch. Efrem has tremendous upside and a bright future on and off the basketball court. In honors classes he carries a 3.9GPA! Get to know him now; Efrem Johnson will be on the recruiting radar in the very near future.