Clyde 'CJ' Bailey '6'1, 163 2021 Kempsville HS, Virginia Beach VA

Clyde 'CJ' Bailey is a gifted jump shooter with a prototypical skill set for the position. 'He has a strong build and is very athletic, has excellent footwork and plays hard on both ends. 'I've watched 'CJ' become a more complete offensive threat as the season progressed and he learned not to rely on his deft shooting touch and range as a primary source of his productivity but to use it to set up the drive and increase his versatility. 'He has become very efficient now as both a three point threat and a player capable of beating his man and scoring on the move. His lateral quickness and a solid handle gives him the ability to get his shot up off the dribble and convert at a good rate, very disciplined and patient, doesn't force many shots. 'He has no trouble creating separation from most defenders and in catch and shoot situations he doesn't need a lot of time to get squared up to the rim. He's as close to automatic as it gets if he is allowed to spot up. Clyde has a quick release and smooth shooting stroke, effortless mechanics and a nice follow through. ''CJ' has learned to read his defenders tendencies and thus has consistently improved his ability to create high percentage looks for himself inside the arc. He has good court vision and complimentary passing skills and makes good decisions with the ball. Does a good job finishing against contact at the rim or fighting through contact and getting shots up in traffic. '''CJ' is an effort guy defensively, engaged and active. He guards either wing effectively and will battle for rebounds. 'CJ' has a chance to be an impact player this coming season as he takes on more of a scoring role. His ability to stretch you defensively coupled with his increasingly efficient ability to create off the bounce creates defensive concerns for opponents. 'He is one of the 757's top deep shooting threats and has the tools to be one of the areas better scorers in addition to being a tremendous shooter.