Jonas is a player who you’re going to want to see sooner rather than later the 6’9 Junior is going to blow up soon I believe. Jonas already possesses elite size and length especially for his age. But what makes Jonas so unique is his perimeter ability and ability to dribble, pass, and finally his best attribute his shooting. At 6’9 with a good release on his jump shot college coaches should already be making their way out to Voyager Academy. I watched Jonas many times this summer have games where he would hit 4, 5, or 6 three pointers. He also showcased the ability to rebound the ball and put it on the floor to start the break.  Now with all this being said Jonas is still far from a finished product. Jonas will need to improve in a few areas including the fluidly of his game and his motor. You can tell he is still growing into his body and becoming comfortable with being a 6’9 16-year-old.

Being that Jonas currently goes to Voyager Academy (Where I graduated from) I have been able to see him grow into what he is and every time I go back I always seem to see Jonas in the gym working on his game. He plays for Anthony Simmons at Voyager academy and the NC Red Storm. Anybody familiar with North Carolina basketball knows about Coach Simmons and that he can develop players with the best of them. In his first couple years at Voyager Academy he was an assistant for varsity and the head Jv coach for players such as Jay Huff (UVA), Jordan Love (SEMO), Blake Buchanan (Wake Forest Walk on), along with several other lower level college players. He’s also had a long tenure of success in AAU recently coaching players like Gary Clark (Cincinnati), Deshawn Freeman (Rutgers), Dravon Mangum (UNCC), and several other elite players. With Coach Simmons working with Jonas every day in individual workouts and practice he has a chance to become a high-level prospect. I believe from a prospect standpoint Jonas is top in the state on the list of players too many people have not heard of yet. If you get the chance to get out to Voyager Academy this season Jonas will be worth the price of admission!