Player Profile: 6’4 ’20 Jaden Springer (Rocky River & B. Maze Elite)

By now, anyone who follows high school basketball should know about Jaden Springer, especially in today’s tech-friendly, social media world that we live in. There are dozens of clips and videos all over the Internet showcasing the young wing prospect, but he’s far better than most people realize. Yes, he’s nationally ranked on most media outlets, yet they still tend to neglect his status as a truly elite player. The Class of 2020 is extremely talented, but it’s difficult to understand how Springer isn’tconsistently ranked within the top ten across the country. He’s a prototypical off-guard right now, however, he has potential to continue growing physically. That’s an extremely important detail and most people have overlooked it thus far. Springer has been dominating for years and is still only fifteen years old, which is arguably the most impressive part.

The young star comes from an athletic background. His father, Gary Sr., was a McDonald’s All-American in 1980 before attending Iona. The path was eerily similar for Jaden’s older brothers, Jordan and Gary Jr., who attended Army and Iona, respectfully. As currently constructed, Jaden is the smallest man in the family, standing at 6-foot-4. Seeing that his father is 6-foot-7 while the two brothers are 6-foot-6 and 6-foot-9 should be an encouraging sign for the off-guard and his continued growth.

In terms of his on-court ability, Springer is as electric as they come, especially on offense. A recent video clip of Springer taking on Cole Anthony at Steph Curry’s Under Armour Camp caught some attention. Despite how talented he is, these types of things have generated the most buzz for the Rocky River cornerstone. That being said, spectators seem to always walk away impressed with his performances. Offensively, he’s in a category of his own. Springer is able to create scoring opportunities on every possession, for himself or others, and does so with phenomenal efficiency. His athleticism and high-flying dunks are among his main attractions, but his IQ and unmatched scoring instinct will have coaches calling. Springer has always been a plus-defender and displays a strong understanding for how to shut down opposing guards. We most recently saw him on display at NBPA Top 100 Camp and he was clearly the best player in the building (before suffering an eye injury). Springer has been the main building block on every team he’s suited up for and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. It’s still pretty early in his recruitment process, but one would be smart to bet on his chances to become a program-altering player at the next level.