The progression of a big man usually takes longer than expected, given the steady growth in ability and coordination. That process has been no different for Myles Evans, who should start popping up everywhere on Division I radars within the next few months. We saw Evans at a Phenom 150 Camp showcase signs of an incredibly talented prospect, but he was just a freshman and didn't have a strong grasp of the game at that time. Since then, he's grown, put on noticeable strength, and added some definition to his overall skillset, especially on offense. Even at the 150 Camp, Evans understood how to be bigger than everyone else and utilize his length to block shots at a high rate. He's made excellent strides as a rim protector since then and has serious upside as a rim-running big man at the next level.

Though he's continually improved at a strong rate, Evans hasn't been in this fight alone, considering he trains with former NBA big man Chris Wilcox on a frequent basis. Offensively, Evans has begun showing signs of a formidable post presence, able to give a baby hook over either shoulder quite well. He's not an explosive athlete, but his timing and instincts around the rim are really technically sound. The biggest obstacle for Evans will be continuing to add wrinkles to his offensive game, since he's already solidified on the defensive end. Once he starts taking advantages of undersized opponents and displaying that mean streak, the opposition will want to evacuate the court, because he is going to be a big two-way problem. Both Ravenscroft and NC Empire have done a quality job of nurturing Evans to this point, but it'll be up to the 6-foot-9 big man to carve out his own path going forward.