6’6” 2020 Chazz Banks
Coastal Christian Academy / Hoop State Elite – Rexrode

pic via WBC Elite 17u

Walking onto the floor, Banks looks the part. He is a broad shouldered, long armed wing who has a very projectable frame. Banks, only a sophomore this past season, led his Coastal Christian varsity team to a 23-7 record this year averaging 12 points and 10 rebounds per game.

Even with the season he had Banks still flew under the radar. He is playing this summer with Hoop State Elite – Rexrode team (formerly Carolina Wolves NC) that has really boosted his name to one that is firmly planted on college program’s recruiting boards.

After his first travel ball performance this summer, in Phenom’s Opening Session 1, we wrote, “Banks has a great frame, with good length and ball skills. The wing is very athletic and he is able to score, with consistency, on all 3 levels. Very intriguing prospect as he is a sophomore with his size, range, athleticism and ball skills. D1s should start to sniff around.”

He has maintained this type of production throughout April. He is one that college coaches should be monitoring closely and, as we stated before, D1s should start to sniff around here.