Every year, North Carolina reaffirms itself as a hotbed for talent and underrated prospects, and the current senior class is no different. There are a slew of unsigned seniors that deserve an uptick in their recruitment. Over the next few months, these articles will take a closer look at some of the most under-appreciated guys across the Hoopstate. Today, we highlight Bennie Brooks, one of the most intriguing prospects across the state.

In terms of on-court ability, there are almost no negatives to point out. He’s a strong, crafty guard prospect with great size, vision, and scoring prowess. Brooks has all the tools to be an impact player at the Division I level and would likely be a high priority if he weren’t located so far from North Carolina’s major cities. Last season, he led East Carteret to a 22-4 record with nightly averages of 25.2 PPG, 8.5 RPG, 4 APG, and 3 SPG while shooting 50% from the field. He displays quality IQ and understands how to affect all facets of the game. Brooks has been an impact player since his freshman season at East Carteret, but has steadily developed into their leader and offensive focal point.

What we most recently said: After a day one performance that was relatively pedestrian by his standard, Brooks came alive in their battle against Washington. He did a strong amount of everything, including operate as the primary creator and scorer from start to finish. Brooks utilizes his body well when attacking the basket and shows a willingness to get on the floor/make hustle plays whenever possible. He shoots the ball at a high clip from the perimeter but really knows how to mix it up with his offensive approach. Brooks was also extremely clutch when the situation called for it.”

It’s difficult to imagine Brooks being a lot more productive, simply based on the load he already carries. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if his stats were boosted across the board—seeing as how it’s something he’s consistently done each season. He and Caleb Hymon should easily stand out as one of the top duos in Eastern North Carolina next season. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brooks, but there is more than ample time to prove himself to college coaches.