The Mooresville Magic's 2019 squad has been a Phenom favorite over the last few years, given their exciting roster that includes DeAngelo Elliot, Zane Haglan, and the guy we'll be focusing on: Demarcus Johnson. This group always finds a way to compete, and they typically win games down the stretch, when most teams are likely to collapse. Their success should be no surprise since the two original cornerstones of the team, Haglan and Johnson, play year-round together and have terrific chemistry. They've played well enough over the last two years to earn a spot on the Adidas Silver Gauntlet, giving them a chance to make the Finale in July.


The leader is Johnson. He sets the tone on both sides of the ball and his teammates follow closely behind. At 6-foot-4, Johnson is long, strong, and versatile, which makes him a nightmare for most opponents on either end of the floor. Offensively, he knows how to score on all three levels and has the ability to generate a shot for himself from anywhere on the court. Johnson is a quality athlete that isn't afraid to meet opponents at the rim, but he's also skilled enough to break defenders down with his ball-handling and create for others. As strong as he is offensively, Johnson is even more useful on defense, where he's able to cover multiple positions with relative ease. With Johnson leading the charge, this Mooresville Magic team will be a candidate to watch this weekend, as they will be one of the most poised squads in attendance.


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