Every July someone pops out and earns numerous offers. This July, that player may just be 6’3” 2019 Ta’Lon Cooper. As Cooper runs with the Upward Stars Upstate team, he is certain to show his ability to flat out score the basketball, and that shows well with lines of coaches watching.

Cooper is a long-armed shooting guard who has easy, 3-level scoring ability. He has a quick release with effortless range beyond the arc. He has the patience to get into the mid-range and score of one and two dribble pull ups. He is also able to blow by on the ball rotation and get to the rim or to finish above the rim in transition.

Over the last two weeks Cooper picked up offers from both Radford and Presbyterian, his first two offers. Both offers came while on campus for Elite Camp (Radford) and Team Camp (Presbyterian). He is already a state champion having won one in 2016 during his time as a starter at Spartanburg Day School and his Dorman High School team should be the odds-on favorite to win another state title this year.

There is a vast market for long armed 3-level scorers, who can create their own offense and have two state championships. Already that market has brought together two offers, with his play in front of the coaches. That is sure to grow, exponentially as he is seen.

Make sure to watch Cooper as he plays with Upward Stars Upstate at Phenom’s Summer Havoc, July 11-15 in Spartanburg, SC. You won’t want to be late on this one.