Player Profile: 6’3 ’19 Chico Carter (Cardinal Newman & Team Charlotte)

The South Carolina basketball scene continues to grow, with obvious guys like Josiah James and Zion Williamson popping up more frequently than ever before. That being said, those aren’t the only players collecting offers and preparing to make waves at the next level. Guys like Robert Braswell, Ja Morant, Jimmy Nichols, and Aaron Nesmith are just a few examples of under-the-radar guys who now have NBA potential. The “underrated” label is something that doesn’t worry Chico Carter, who should arguably be a top-five prospect in the state of South Carolina. He’s consistently performed at an elite level against intense competition, and seems to shine brighter when trying to prove himself. We’ve seen Carter with Cardinal Newman and Team Charlotte this summer, where his roles differ completely. On his school team, Carter is the ultimate alpha dog, yet still plays the right way, which can be a massive challenge for opponents. He and backcourt mate, Joshua Beadle, are among the most impressive duo in the state. It’s tough to agree on Team Charlotte’s “top players,” because their heavy talent spans from top to bottom. There are times when Carter is the top player, but he’s been willing to accept any role and criticism on a game-to-game basis–which is an absolute must for anyone under the coaching of Jeff McInnis.


Carter’s growth as a player has been pretty clear, but that doesn’t mean he’s finished refining his game. Offensively, he demands a lot of attention as a scorer, especially if gets established early. There have been multiple occasions where Carter has torched the opponent with his incredible efficiency, but he rarely tried to force the action. He truly embraces being a point guard, showcasing a high IQ, sharp passing instincts, and frequently looking to get others involved. However, Carter can really manipulate opposing defenses with his three-level scoring and is a constant threat to flirt with triple-doubles. His frame is quite strong and he absorbs contact exceptionally well around the rim on defense, finishes, and rebounds. There isn’t much to dislike about Carter’s game; he’s just a terrific all-around basketball player. He’s a leader in every sense and understands how to elevate his supporting cast with any roster. Carter is also a quality defender and competitor, making life dreadful for opposing guards while forcing one turnover after another. The rising senior already holds offers from High Point, Youngstown State, Hampton, College of Charleston, Saint Louis, Charlotte, Winthrop, NC A&T, Denver, Arkansas State, and Murray State. Meanwhile, Elon, East Carolina, and Providence are the most recent to reach out to Carter. His recruitment is still on the rise, so expect more offers to start piling in over these next few months.