Generally speaking, there is a tremendously high amount of prospects that are overlooked for a majority of their time in high school. The last calendar year has just been the beginning of Cooper Fowler and his ascension towards becoming a college-level big man. We saw Fowler for the first time last July at Summer Havoc, an event notorious for unveiling diamonds in the rough. He played with Trey Smith and the Upward Stars Upstate-White squad, gradually finding his comfort level and overall niche as a player on the team. Since then, Fowler participated at the prestigious South Carolina Top 80 exposure camp and made a noticeable impact. At the time (in late September), we wrote:

'Finishing up, we look at a player that is just beginning to scratch the surface of how good he could be, Cooper Fowler. He's a big man with a very unique game that has adjusted towards the direction that basketball is heading. Offensively, Fowler is capable of effectively posting up smaller guys or facing up on all three levels; he's a great catch-and-shoot option, especially from distance, where he has been efficient all summer. He has a very strong, full frame that allows him to simply bully smaller opponents around the basket for blocks and rebounds. On the other end, Fowler plays solid defense down low and it at his best when monitoring the paint. Next in his development process is getting quicker on the defensive end, so that he'll be able to handle switches easier. Coach Waters on Fowler: 'Cooper is a 6'10' lefty with good shot for and decent finishing ability. He lacks some agility/quickness, but he uses his size well to set good screens. Cooper has a good attitude and was coachable all day long; he has a high release that is difficult to block. He displays good footwork/spin moves and balance in the paint.' Fowler is already a talented prospect and he will continue to improve with confidence and experience.'

That entire excerpt still holds true today, as Fowler is constantly improving and adding new wrinkles to his game. His strong-bodied frame is both a blessing and concern for programs at the next level, but Fowler has shown he's currently nimble enough to work in college. Beyond that, he's still legitimately 6-foot-10 with the ability to score from any spot on the court and isn't scared of quality competition. Fowler may be somewhat reserved, but only because he'd prefer to let his body of work do majority of the talking. Folks, Fowler is as intriguing as they come, and he'll be in the gym this weekend at Proehlific Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. So make it a priority to come watch high-level basketball this weekend, and make sure to get a quality viewing at Fowler, who might be ready to become a big-time player.

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