Player Profile: 6’1 ’20 Justin Wright (Team Loaded & Farmville Central)

The rise to national recognition can be a long, difficult path for some players, but Justin Wright is just keeping his head down and putting in the necessary work to achieve greatness. He’s quickly gone from an unknown prospect to a coveted one over the last year, and has already secured scholarship offers from East Carolina and Old Dominion. Right now, Wright could play at a variety of Division I schools, but there’s a strong likelihood that he’s going to vault himself into elite status sooner than later. Unlike many of the top recruits, he doesn’t have any insecurities on the court and displays a really complete skillset on both sides of the ball. Since he plays such fundamentally sound basketball, his performances tend to get overlooked, though he’s consistently beaten every opponent in his path.


There are many purposes that a floor general serves, but their main duty is setting up effective offense for teammates. Wright provides a very precise feel for the game and understands how to generate a clean look from nothing. He rarely makes a bad decision with the ball in his hands, even under duress, and sports an impressive assist/turnover ratio. As a scorer, Wright is somehow even more efficient and always makes it look so simple. He is very accurate from midrange and three-point territory, but also showcases great deceptiveness and finishing ability around the basket. Wright isn’t an overwhelming athlete, yet always overwhelms opposing guards. It’s challenging to find anything truly negative about him or the way he plays the game, which is one of the many reasons that he should emerge as a must-have guard at the next level. Wright is still fairly new on the recruiting scene, but should have no problem accumulating five, ten, or even twenty offers throughout the next calendar year. His win-at-all-costs approach is a special trait that college coaches will certainly fall in love wiP