If you haven’t watched 2022 6’3 Kheni Briggs this summer, you should take the time to watch the young man this upcoming high school season.  Briggs is one on the rise early on as a prospect, as he has impressed us several times at our Phenom Hoops events and at the Team Camp.

Briggs is not your average developing prospect, as he brings such a unique style and skillset to the floor, something you certainly don’t see all the time at his age.  Phenom Hoop Report was interested in reaching out to Briggs to learn more about what his summer was like but also which programs have been keeping an eye on early on in his recruitment.

What Has Been Said:

There were so many high-level leaders on display at Phenom Champion Showcase, but Kheni Briggs deserves to mentioned with the best of them. He’s such a special type of player, given the way he approaches the game and showcases constant flashes of two-way dominance. At this point, it’s fair to say that Briggs has no real weaknesses. He’s strong, smart, athletic, reliably creates for himself and others while setting the tone with his defense and rebounding. Briggs has scored the ball with phenomenal efficiency from all three levels while consistently standing out as a leader in all other statistical categories. This guy is a leader, winner, and all-around great person to have in a locker room. He truly makes others better on both ends of the floor. It’s probably a little early for most colleges to extend offers to guys in the Class of 2022, but it won’t be long before they start heavily pursuing Briggs. – Jeff Bendel/ Phenom Hoops

Recruit Q&A:

– What has this summer been like for you and what has it taught you as a young prospect?

Briggs: “This summer has been great playing with CP3 has been a great experience for me. It has taught me how to play in a system and play within the team.”

– What was it like playing with CP3 and what did it show?

Briggs: “Playing for CP3 and coach Poplin has been tuff at times but has taught me a lot through the season the CP3 name holds a lot of expectations and as player and team, we have to work hard to live up to those expectations.”

– How would you best describe your game and is there anyone that you like to model your game after?

Briggs: “To best describe my game I would say that I like to lead by example on the floor and in practice. I like to be a team player and get my team involved in the game as much as possible I feel like that is the key to winning. I also like to try and do as much as possible in a game not just score I like to rebound play defense and help my teammates get better. I don’t really model my game after anyone I want to make my own way in this game.”

– What are you hoping to carry over this upcoming season?

Briggs: “This upcoming high school season I am hoping to make a run for a state championship this year that is the only goal I really have there are some personal goals I also want to reach but winning is most important to me.”

– Heading into the high school season, what was it like playing at the Phenom Team camp and what did it show you on how your team could be?

“Playing at the phenom team camp was great I always enjoy playing in phenom events you guys do such a great job of covering the games it’s just fun. I think we played well as a team at camp although I do think we have a lot of work to do to reach the goals we have as a team.”

– I know there is still a lot of time but has anything been happening with your recruitment or anything?  If so, we would love to hear more about it.

Briggs: “Recruitment has just started for me. I have interest from a good bit of schools and I am hoping to start getting offers from them soon. Schools interested are Wake Forest, UAB, NAVY, Elon, Virginia Tech, and Charlotte. Some schools that asked about me while at NCAA camp last weekend were Rutgers, Charlotte, Arizona St, UC Davis, and Pepperdine”