Sean Yoder 6'2' Pennridge HS (East Coast Power) ' The East Coast Power is another non shoe company program with mostly suburban Philly kids dotting it's roster and one of those kids is Yoder a feisty SG who has a pretty good all around skillset. His HS is not considered a power in District 1 6A but they usually are a good well balanced team that can surprise if you don't bring you're A game. Yoder doesn't get the recognition he deserves or would get if he played at one of the traditional district frontrunners but his game is solid and some schools have definitely gotten the word on him.

Starting with his considerable offensive repertoire on the plus side of the ledger he has a very good stroke with good mechanics and a soft touch as he can drain it from midrange out to the arc. He can surprise you with his athleticism when driving to the basket and finishing thru contact or with good body control. He's equally adept at scoring off the catch as he is creating his shot off the dribble. Sean is also tough with the ball handling against pressure or in the open floor where he can pull up or dish the rock and if you underestimate him speed wise he will dribble right by you and drive to the cup. He's not a bad rebounder from the guard position as he has no problem going inside to bang with the big guys by boxing out and fighting for those missed shots. Defensively he will guard on the ball and he plays pretty good positional defense and is a functional help defender. He has a good motor and a solid attitude to meet any challenge head on plus he is a real team guy who does make the extra pass or sets a nice screen to free up a teammate. Sean also has really good court sense for where everyone is on the floor and he uses that to his advantage.

Like all players he knows that you have to keep evolving and growing your skills and he works hard to correct his shortcomings. At times he can be exposed on the perimeter defensively by those super quick dribble happy guards. He is a very good athlete but speedy guys can give him fits and he struggles a bit in recovering to his man if he gets screened and no switch occurs. He can be a better rebounder as well since he has good instincts and anticipation for the ball but that may be nitpicking a little.

On the recruiting front he has already picked up offers from High Point, Colgate and just recently Marist so schools in that low D-1 level are aware of him and I understand that he played well at the Southern Jam Fest in Hampton, VA this past weekend when the Power knocked off Team Loaded VA a strong Adidas backed squad that competes in their Gauntlet series. I'm sure that with some more high level performances in the summer live periods that a few more schools might be tempted to make the trek to Perkasie, PA to check him out where I think they may be pleasantly surprised.