Konrad Kizska 6'6' LaSalle College HS (Team Final) ' When you watch this young man move around the court you notice his graceful stride and his seemingly smooth stroke when stepping into a spot up jumper and you nod your head and say mmmm! Or you watch him split a double team and make a beeline for for the hoop and rise up quickly for a short runner or get up to the cup and slam one home and you think aaahhh! Then you come back to reality and realize that he has D-1 ability and really good athleticism but the consistent effort isn't always there. But oh that potential and promise huh.

Kizska oozes potential and he does wow you with his athletic moves and solid bounce. He is a good shooter with good form on his jump shot and he can knock it down out to the arc or take it by you and use his hops to attack the basket. I've seen him hit shots off the dribble using an effective jump stop completely freezing the defender and when he's feeling it he can be deadly off catch and shoot opportunities. While I don't see him handle a great deal vs. the press he appears to be proficient when dribbling in the open court or driving the ball to the hole. As with all the LaSalle players he passes the ball well always looking for the best shot because he's a team guy first which is a good trait for any player. While not blessed with a strong upper body Konrad is a willing rebounder who uses his lean frame to angle into position and then explode up to grab the miss. He's especially effective at the offensive end slicing in and rising up for tip attempts that turns a few heads for sure. Defensively he has decent lateral quickness that helps him keep his opponent in front of him. He can also close out on perimeter shooters although at times he reacts a bit late and he has proven effective as a help defender.

When you take his potential and obvious talent into consideration you wonder why he's not more widely recruited or a sure fire HM player and it boils down to consistency. There should be no knock on his being a team player but people question why he doesn't have better numbers and the reason is he plays a team game but there are times when he simply disappears for stretches. He also has dealt with a ton of minor irritating type injuries that seems to set him back in his conditioning and he makes some lazy plays as a result. He also makes some strange decisions on defense as I mentioned earlier he hesitates at times allowing his man to get off an open shot or to get by him with the dribble.

He is one of those kids that is so tantalizingly good that I guess folks are just frustrated waiting for his immersion into the upper echelon of Philly area cagers. Right now the only school that I've heard is involved in his recruitment is Niagara but with the summer live periods looming a few scintillating performances and the flood gates may open and other schools will rush in. For Konrad and all those wanting more sometimes it just takes time for good fruit to ripen and it reminds me of a line I heard in a movie one time and I think it fits here with this young man but the school that lands him may get quite the surprise when he does ripen cause maybe 'the juice is worth the squeeze'.