Hakim Hart 6'5' Roman Catholic HS (Philly Pride) ' This South Jersey native made the move to the more competitive Philly Catholic League and it has definitely paid dividends for Hart in just his first season on the Cahillites roster. Known as a prolific scorer at Kingsway HS Hart came into a situation where he might be the 3rd or 4th option and thrived anyway especially as a three point marksman to bring more balance to the Roman offense. I'd have to say it worked out pretty well for them as they took home a league title and the PIAA 6A state championship.

When you look at Hart's plus chart you start with his shooting ability especially off the catch is among the best in all the Philly area by far. His shot mechanics are smooth as he squares to the basket perfectly and his release is soft and he follows through still lined up with the basket. His release is also quick as I seldom see his shot get altered as he knows how to get separation in tight man to man situations. This comes in handy because Hakim does not have explosive leaping ability and he doesn't get up more than a couple inches before launching that feathery jumper. He also has the ability to penetrate to the rim for layups and while not getting much lift he has good body control and agility. If you guard him off the arc he has no issue adjusting to the midrange areas to hit shots. His ball handling is a work in progress but he does handle it well enough on his penetration and he's not a liability vs. pressure. He can maintain control on his dribble in traffic as well. In the passing game he showed some solid decision making which is not always easy when your wired to score which speaks to the ability of 2nd year HC Matt Griffin to bring out this part of Hart's game. With his growth as a more well rounded player I would think that he's very receptive to coaching and he has a stoic demeanor on the floor which leads me to believe that he's focused on the game and the tasks at hand. From an overall perspective I like his court sense and awareness of everything around him during the course of each contest.

If I look at the minus side of his game some would point out his lack of lift but that doesn't concern me as much do to his ability to create space and his quick and accurate release but I can see that some college coaches could be concerned. He's not a very good rebounder for his position either but he does make the effort to engage whenever he finds himself around the hole. He looks like his anticipation of where the carom may come off but he doesn't play a physical style and often gets beat to the spot. However he does seem to have a knack for grabbing offensive rebounds with uncanny timing and finding the right seam. I also joke that he gets those boards because it's another chance to score and I'm not sure he wouldn't disagree. One area I haven't mentioned is defense and this is another work in progress scenario as I saw him at his pevious school and he played little to no defense. This past season he showed strides in picking up some of the Roman concepts to defend and got better as the season progressed which is encouraging. He uses his frame and long arms to disrupt passing lanes and he is quite good at picking off lazy passes but defending straight up on the ball is hit or miss with him as I saw him get beat quite a bit early in the season and then gradually improve on that later in he season. So I would say that this proven scorer may never be a lockdown defender but he is making the effort to improve that aspect of his game.

From a recruiting perspective he has already gotten offers from LaSalle, Quinnipiac, NJIT and Bowling Green and as the summer periods are coming up I suspect that some additional schools will jump into the mix. Because who can't use a proven shooter I ask you.

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