The show goes on here in Columbia, people really need to stop sleeping on the State of South Carolina as a basketball state, cause there’s a ton of talent in the public and private school leagues that’s been on display for the Phenom Hoops staff all day long… without further adieu let’s take a look at some of the top performers from the late morning/early afternoon session from today’s action.

6’2 2019 Trae Hannibal: Hartsville High School/TMP Elite

Hannibal is all but signed, sealed, and delivered to Frank Martin and the South Carolina Gamecocks and he’s starting to look like that kind of point guard in the way he attacks a defense.  He was matched up against fellow D1 player Mike Green of Christian Academy Myrtle Beach and found a way to control the tempo most of the game despite the difficult matchup.  He has the pass first mentality that every coach loves, but what intrigues me the most about Hannibal is his ability to score in the pick and roll.  He possesses the quickness to take advantage of the matchup and is developing the consistency on his jumper so that the opposition can’t go under screens anymore, freeing up a ton of room to operate.  Gamecock fans are going to be really happy wit this one and he might not have a massive impact right away, but by the time he’s a Junior he’s got a chance to be one of the best point guards in the SEC.

6’8 2021 Cesare Edwards: Hartsville High School/Upward Stars

Edwards might be the best prospect in the gym today due to his sweet shooting stroke and remarkable length.  He’s starting to get more comfortable in his body and realize just how good he can be with his skillset.  Defender’s used to be able get up in his grill and force him to get rid of the ball, but now he can put it on the deck and create some offense for himself which is something that simply wasn’t there before for Edwards.  As he gets more comfortable attacking from the perimeter expect his game to open up even more than it already has.  Look for Edwards to start making a name for himself as a possible top 100 prospect this coming High School Season, playing with an elite Point Guard like Hannibal should be huge for Edwards next year.

6’6 2019 Davis Guyton: Christian Academy Myrtle Beach/Manzer Basketball Club

This dude is simply a joy to watch, he looks more like a football player than a basketball player, but his sweet shooting stroke is one of the purest in the palmetto state, and now he’s adding a little bit of off the dribble work to his game.  He plays with supreme confidence at all times, pulling the trigger on deep rainbow 3s that most players would only shoot in their dreams let alone a game.  He scored 54 points in a blowout win over St. Andrews hitting 11 times from beyond the arc in what was one of the greatest shooting performances I’v ever seen in my life.  This man was simply on fire unlike I’ve ever seen him before.

6’3 2019 Mike Green: Christian Academy Myrtle Beach/Georgia Stars

Holding offers from USC Upstate and Charlotte, Green is one of the more versatile lead guards in the region largely due to an incredible basketball IQ and a well rounded skillset.  He’s not going to blow you away with any one area in particular, but he’s incredibly well rounded with the way he attacks a defense, using his teammates to create offense in such a methodical fashion.  He has a great first step when attacking, frequently drawing in help and kicking out to Guyton which is one of the best 1-2 punches in the Palmetto state.  Expect Green to add to those two offers on the EYBL in July with the Georgia Stars.

6’7 2020 Nick McMullen: Ben L Smith/Team Felton

McMullen is often overlooked due to Silas Mason garnering a lot of attention and deservingly so, but he possesses a lot of the physical tools to become a dominant high school post player if he continues to develop.  He often looks like the best player on the court when he’s playing with a high motor, going for offensive boards and producing on the glass.  He has the ability to turn over both shoulders and really just be a pest defensively for other slower bigs.  I really like what he and Silas can do together, especially when Silas gets more comfortable with his handle and they can run a 4/5 pick and roll creating chaos for opposing defenses.  He’s playing with one of NC’s best groups with Team Felton 16s so expect him to garner some of that much deserved attention very soon.