I would like to start this article out with an apology that my little peanut brain can’t figure out a good name for my article’s like “Bendel’s Best” or something cool like that.  If you have any suggestion’s hit my twitter DM’s @MasercolaMiles.  In the meantime let’s take a look at some of the best players from this afternoon.

5’10 2023 Trey Green: Team Loaded 2022

Green is a year younger than just about all of his teammates and they’re playing an age group up so he’s roughly two years younger than all of his competition and still finding a way to play at an really high level.  He’s incredibly smart with the ball in his hands and he’s probably going to be the best shooter on the court regardless of who he’s playing against so that allows him to play off the ball with the electric Jacob Newman in the backcourt with him.  Green is simply a joy to watch and in my opinion has the potential to be an immediate impact guy in high school.  Definitely remember this name, cause soon enough you won’t be able to avoid it.

6’0 2020 Braxton Beaty: AC Georgia

Braxton is one of those wizards with the basketball in his hands with his rush hour handles and flashy passes.  He’s undoubtedly one of the more talented PG’s in #PhenomSummerHavoc and I’m really excited to watch him and his squad get after it some more the rest of the week.  Excellent first step with an ability to blow by just about anyone in front of him and always carries himself with a ton of charisma on the court.

6’7 2019 Austin Sloan: Atlanta Timberwolves

Sloan is the definition of a high flyer, at 6’7 he has the ability to elevate over just about anyone he goes up against.  What get’s lost in translation with Sloan is that he’s got incredible size with an ability to knock down perimeter shots and attack off the drive.  His athleticism and lateral mobility allows him to guard 4 positions, and his diverse offensive skillset allows him to score on just about anyone.  He’s the kind of kid with the potential to break out over the course of the rest of the weekend, I know for a fact he caught the eye of some coaches in attendance today.

6’0 2019 Crosby James: Upward Stars Columbia

James is a do it all point guard that can flat out fill it up at any given time.  He’s incredibly strong with the ball in his hands and knows when to keep it for himself.  That strength allows him to defend multiple backcourt positions at just 6’0, he gets into the defenders head with his ability to hit tough shots on a consistent basis.  He already holds a South Carolina State offer, look for that list to grow throughout the rest of the weekend.