We are starting to get into the thick of things here in Spartanburg now that it’s Friday and we’re in the 2nd event of our massive 1st live period week here at Phenom Hoop Report.  Here are some of the top performers from the first slate of games here at #PhenomSummerHavoc!

6’3 2020 Keishon Porter: Team ENC 252 17U

Porter is one of the best athletes in this entire event with his incredible end to end quickness and vertical ability.  He’s capable of initiating offense as a lead guard and displays a nice ability to distribute the ball when needed.  The best part about Porter’s game is his defensive intensity, he’s incredibly vocal on that end of the court always getting his guys in the right place.  He always has excellent anticipation on that end as well, leading to a lot of great opportunities on the other end.

6’7 2019 Luke Davis: Team ENC 252 17U

Davis looked like the best player on the court in the majority of this one and his stat line isn’t what’s going to jump out at you.  He might’ve finished with 7 points, 10 rebounds, and around 5 assists, but his savviness on the offensive end in the high post area is what immediately jumps out at you.  He’s such an incredible passer out of that area on the court, with an ability to put a nice triple threat move on the defender and get a bucket when he needs to.  He’s really developed as an all around prospect over the course of the last year and a half, definitely one to watch for D1’s moving forward for the rest of the month.

6’0 2019 Collin Lewis: Team Stacked 17U

Lewis is a really versatile guard that does a great job finishing at the rack on the offensive end with the ability to guard both backcourt positions on the other.  He has an excellent first step and patience when attacking, finding crevices in the defense to create just enough space for a crafty layup.  He’s got a smooth mid-range pull-up game, and an ability to knock down the catch and shoot 3.  Definitely looking like a can’t miss D2 prospect with the potential to be something more.

5’11 2020 Reggie Walton: Team ENC 910 17U

Walton is one of the toughest guards I’ve seen all week with his ability to attack the basket and defend at a high level.  He plays with an intimidating demeanor at all times.  He does a great job at being a vocal leader for his team, always encouraging his guys to make the right play and never coming down on them too hard when they make mistakes.  He’s the kind of leader that every coach would want on their team.  He already boasts a D2 offer from Mars Hill expect that list to grow in the near future.

6’9 2020 Myles Evans: NC Empire Go Hard 16U

Evans is such a fundamentally sound big with an incredible feel for the game with excellent touch all the way out to the three point line.  He’s not super athletic vertically but he moves his feet laterally really well giving him the ability to protect the rim for a really fun NC Empire team.  He has a stoic demeanor that shields his intensity from those watching, so don’t fool yourself he’s an incredibly intense player that shows little emotion on the court.  Definitely a D1 prospect that coaches need to get familiar with.

6’7 2020 Nolan Wilson: Team Xplosion 16U

Wilson has a really sturdy frame to go with excellent defensive anticipation making him a top notch rim protector.  He simply knows how to rebound and play defense at a high level.  Expect a lot of D2’s to get used to his name as his size and skillset suits that level to a tee.  He possesses solid footwork on the block with a couple nice looking post moves on the offensive end to go with being an absolute bruiser.

5’10 2020 Jordan Jones: Team Invasion 16U

Jones is a super crafty point guard with excellent body control when attacking the basket.  He’s another one of those smaller guards with a slick handle and excellent vision making him one of the more fun 16U guards in this event.  He does a great job in his leadership role for Team Invasion, consistently initiating offense for himself and others.  Definitely a fun guy to watch.

6’1 2020 Drew Patterson: PSB Elite McCarthy 16U

Patterson is an elite floor general that is always in the right place at the right time.  He scores it at all three levels and it seems like he has eyes on the back of his head with some of the passes he makes.  He’s consistently going to give you 10+ points, 5+ assists, and 2+ steals on a game to game basis making him one of the more productive lead guards in this event.  Scholarship coaches need to watch out for him.