It’s kind of a weird, yet awesome event we have going on in Greensboro today, a mix of High School and AAU teams came to compete to either close out their team camp schedule or get themselves back in that groove before the live period.  Let’s take a look at some of the top performers from the morning games.

5’10 2022 Cam Oates: CP3 14U

Oates is one of the up and comers in the HoopState hotbed over in Fayetteville, and he’s looking like he’s a part of that next generation of Fayetteville talent with his ability to create offense for himself and others at a high level.  He plays the game with a combination of poise and swag that’s seldom seen in a kid his age, making every game he plays in must watch action.  Oates has the potential to become one of the best players in his class in the state if he continues to develop his game and there’s no reason to believe he won’t, playing with a high level of maturity for a kid his age.  Definitely look out for him in July with CP3!

6’4 2022 Freddie Dillone: CP3 14U

Dillone might be one of the top prospects in the gym today with his ability to score in a multitude of ways.  He has the ability to turn over both shoulders from 10-15 feet and when facing up has a variety of triple threat moves and a great first step allowing him to get plenty of easy buckets over inferior defenders.  Dillone saw some playing time on a stacked Trinity Christian squad, but expect his minutes to go up in a significant fashion next year learning from Consensus top 75 talent Greg Gantt.

6’2 2021 Christian Taylor: Carolina Riptide

Taylor has done a really good job making himself an extremely valuable piece for an intriguing Carolina Riptide 15U squad.  They are a really well coached group led by Point Guard Clay Hodges, but it was Taylor that found a way to produce at a high level in the early morning game.  At 6’2 he can switch and defend multiple positions within his age group and possesses the ability to score at all three levels, always playing within the offense and rarely making a poor decision.  I definitely expect him to continue to produce at a high level throughout the live period on what should be a fun Carolina Riptide team.

6’8 2019 Justin McKoy: Team Loaded 17U/Panther Creek High School

McKoy has really become the prospect we all thought he could become with a rare combination of size, IQ, and shooting touch that isn’t seen too often.  He’s incredibly skilled offensively all over the court, possessing the ability to knock down contested shots with deep range, and he’s not afraid to try and drive down the lane and dunk on you.  He’s used to being the man on his Panther Creek squad and has adjusted nicely to playing with more talented pieces, picking his spots and remaining a highly efficient option for Team Loaded.  Be sure to check out the next episode of Amateur Hour with Justin on as a guest!