2025 Ty Glasper (Sevierville, TN)
Glasper came in with a tight handle and supreme confidence about him. He was one of the smaller players on most floors he stepped on, however, he did not let that deter his mission. Glasper touched he paint seemingly at will and he showcased the ability to see the entire floor and add some flash to his passes. It was a good showing, one where anyone watching his games noticed him on the floor. Keep a close eye here.


2026 Isaac Ellis (Granite Falls, NC)
You don’t miss Issac Ellis when he is on the floor. He is talking non-stop, diving on the floor for loose balls and knocking down shots from 30 feet…consistently. Despite always being the smallest player on the floor, Ellis plays with the biggest heart and that is something you’ll never be able to take away from him. He defends his man for 94 feet and he just puts continuous pressure on the defense with his ability to shoot, handle and attack. There is such a long way to go here, but he is already fun to watch.


2025 Kadyn Turner-Scott (Greensboro, NC)
Turner-Scott is a long term type of prospect as you watch him today, and it may not all be there, but you see glimmers of promise to make sure you add him to your SIM card. What Turner-Scott is, is a very long player who runs the floor well and he has good hands. His strength will come and ultimately his level will be determined by how big he gets. As Rick Lewis would say, “he has the look of someone who will grow with his long arms, big feet, and high tailbone.” He’s inserted into the SIM Card and we are excited to watch.


2024 Asher Brown (Brasstown, NC)
Brown just produced, throughout the camp, he continued to find his way into getting buckets at a high rate. Brown shot the ball well enough, but his production was centered around his ability to touch the paint and finish with and through contact. He made his free throws, which was after he finished the And-1s. There is something to be said about a player who is able to just go out and produce numbers, and Brown did this in each game he played.


2025 Eli Ellis (Granite Falls, NC)
Eli Ellis won the Mr. Playmaker award for the camp, and it was obvious he could go out and create good things to happen. Ellis (the older brother of Isaac, mentioned above) is a tough, hard-nosed competitor in every facet of the game. He has a deep range and he finishes at the rim when he attacks. Ellis is a good rebounder (especially for being one of the smaller kids on most courts) and defends his man in the half-court. There is a competitive fire here that goes along with his skill set. You can tell he is a coaches son but more so, you can tell he hates losing.