Man, oh man, what a summer it was for Phenom Hoop Report.  Not only were our own expectations exceeded but the amount of talent that rolled through our events was absolutely impressive.  Whether it was rising seniors, high-major talent, young and rising prospects or new faces, there was talent all over the place.

Now that the season has come to an end, let’s take a stroll through memory lane with our scouts on which players made the biggest impressions.

Three players to watch this season

Rick Lewis:

6’7 2022 Jeremy Gregory (North Mecklenburg)

Gregory is one of the top young players in the state for his class. He may just be the missing link for North Mecklenburg’s NCHSAA 4A title run. He has excellent hands and nifty footwork in the paint.

6’10 Kuluel Mading (High Point Central)

Simply put, Kuluel Mading is oozing with upside and potential. What you see is not the finished product and Mading could possibility reclass and become a high major prospect. He is currently being recruited by mid-majors but has the length, athleticism, and matching skill set to push him easily into a higher recruiting level.

6’5 2020 Jackson Threadgill (Davidson Day)

Shooters translate at every level and one thing is crystal clear, Jackson Threadgill can flat shoot the cover off the ball, not to mention he is a high IQ and fundamentally sound player. Threadgill just understands how to play and is always going to make winning plays.

Jamie Shaw:

6’2” 2021 Colin Rodrigues (North Augusta)

Rodrigues is still somewhat unknown outside of his area, but that is because he missed a lot of time last year with an injury. Well the highly explosive guard is back and looking to be one of the top scorers in the state of South Carolina. He shoots with range, he finishes above the rim and he plays with incredible confidence. Once college coaches see him, they will love him (but you know how it can be in SC, will they go to see him?)

6’11” 2020 Jaylon Gibson (GRACE Christian)

We keep waiting for the national guys to catch on here, however, they still haven’t. That is no surprise out of the Carolinas, as the national media is usually very late on guys. Gibson is 6’11 (possibly 7’ by now) with guard skills. He runs like a wing, pushes the break the pace and skill and he finishes at each level on offense. He has good timing with his size and is an active rebounder. Having grown 5”-6” over the last 18 months still gives him room to grow, but with his handful of high major offers, look for a big year coming.

6’6” 2020 Nick Farrar (Apex Friendship)

We have been telling you about Farrar for a while now, before any of the offers before anyone was talking about him at all, we were telling you he was a high major. Well that fueled his fire, with everyone else still sleeping it made the uber-competitive Farrer, play with an even bigger chip on his shoulder. Now with the likes of LSU, Texas A&M, Houston and others in tow, Farrar still has that chip. Look for monster numbers from him, we are talking in the 25 points, 13 rebound range for season averages. He takes no prisoners and hopefully everyone else has finally stopped sleeping.