Session 3 wrapped up our Phenom’s Summer Jam Series of June team camps. We had teams from around the region (North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia) step up and compete and it was a great opportunity. Some kids stepped up, and some showed out. Many did what we knew they could and some teams really played above and beyond. It was a great month.

All three events SOLD OUT and here are the top 10 performers from Session 3

1.       6’8” 2020 Cameron Stitt
United Faith Christian (NC)

Stitt is a prospect who just oozes with potential and upside. He has a complete game as a forward with the ability to push the break, shoot the 3 and attack the basket in the half court. He is long and an explosive athlete as well. As a top 10 prospect in North Carolina’s 2020 class he already carries offers from Hampton and UNC-G, that list will grow rapidly, both in number and in level soon. High major schools should be looking.


2.       6’3” 2020 Keishon Porter
SW Edgecombe HS (NC)

We first saw Porter at our Phenom’s Grassroots Tip Off Live event, playing with the Twin County Kings, and he opened our eyes there as he averaged 18+ points per game. Porter is an all-out, multi-positional defender. He handles the ball well from the wing and is aggressive in attacking the rim. He also showed a one and two dribble pull up in the mid-range. This was a great showing for him, as he is one D1 schools should put on their “must see in July lists”


3.       6’3” 2019 Caleb Mills
Asheville Christian (NC)

What Mills does on the floor has been talked about ad nauseum. He is a pure and elite scorer of the basketball. He has a tight handle and he is able to get to his spots both quickly and efficiently. What we like the most about his game in June is how efficiently he is playing. The ball doesn’t get stuck in his hands, if he isn’t making his move within three dribbles the ball is moving around. Cincinnati is his latest offer, more at that level and possibly higher should be coming in July.


4.       6’5” 2021 Jadun Michael
Burlington School (NC)

Michael has been one of the breakout performers of our Summer Jam series. He has transformed himself into a 2-way wing at the highest level. He has always been able to defend multiple positions, great size and motor. He is now taking people off the bounce and knocking down jump shots regularly. Michael has shot himself up into high major status, and still only a 2021, his recruitment should reflect such.


5.       6’3” 2019 Nahiem Alleyne
Mountain View HS (GA)

This was our first viewing of Alleyne and we walked away impressed with his shot making ability. He carries a Hofstra offer, which is easy to see with his bounce and range. He has the look of someone who could end up a lock down perimeter defender and can really ride the wave of getting and staying hot. Hofstra got on this one early, it will be interesting to see who else jumps in come July.


6.       6’ 2020 Shakeel Moore
United Faith Christian (NC)

Moore made his name last November at Phenom’s High School Jamboree, he reintroduced himself with a dominating performance in the NC Top 80 dunk contest. Well, now he has transferred down to United Faith Christian Academy and his game has gone to an entirely new level. He got cooking in the third game of the day, pulling out all the stops in his bag of tricks. He shot the 3-ball well (2-3) got into the paint and he finished high above the rim in traffic. Now part of the 2020 class, our thoughts of him as a high major prospect haven’t changed.


7.       6’8” 2019 Ryan Bonnett
Mount Pleasant HS (NC)

This was our first time really able to put eyes on Bonnett and he did a lot of great things on the block. Blessed with soft hands and great feet/hips he did a great job finishing around the basket. He has touch over both shoulders and was able to play through contact. Bonnett has a 4.4 GPA, a 1370 SAT and a 32 ACT. Already productive as he gets into a college weight program his game will take another step. This is an under the radar one that scholarship level schools should take a look at, especially the academic ones.


8.       6’2” 2019 Brandon Ellington
Community School of Davidson (NC)

Ellington has some stuff to his game. As an off guard he was able to put the ball on the floor and get to his spots. He has a flashy, but efficient handle both in the half and full court setting. He shot the ball very well, both off the catch and the bounce and he got into the mid range comfortably. A high academic student, Ellington is an interesting player. One who is certainly a college level guy and one who should absolutely be the target of high academic programs.


9.       6’6” 2020 Silas Mason
Ben L. Smith HS (NC)

Mason came out in this event with a chip on his shoulder, and it showed. He played a facilitating role as a playmaking wing and was able to get downhill and attack the basket in this event. They lefty is showing more confidence in his jump shot and more fire in his belly. He carries offers from the likes of Florida, Texas and Oklahoma State and the way he played in this event, more schools along those lines should be calling.


10.   6’1” 2019 Chaz Gwyn
Winston Salem Prep (NC)

Gwyn is a high level shooter, that is a known fact. He is shooting 41% from three playing for the number two ranked team on the EYBL this year. He came into this event and showcased a more well rounded game. He took the ball off the bounce and attacked the rim. He looked comfortable creating his own offense. Right now Gwyn has no offers, that is crazy to think about. He should have multiple D1s coming at him in July.