6'2 '20 Dallan Wright (Saluda)
The first slate of games featured a quality matchup between Saluda and Lancaster, as the two would battle throughout. Dallan Wright was the best player on the floor, and it wasn't close. He did everything for this Saluda squad on both sides of the ball and led them to a victory as a result. Division I programs need to be on the watch for the steady production and progression of Wright.

5'11 '20 Keenan Brooks (Saluda)
The shoot-first point guard was a huge key in Saluda's first victory of the day, scoring from everywhere inside the arc and providing some secondary ball-handling. Brooks played with a high motor and forced numerous turnovers on defense.

5'10 '21 Phillip Mickies II (Lancaster)
The sharpshooter for Lancaster was nothing short of impressive during his first showing of the day, knocking down multiple threes and carrying this squad for stretches on offense. He moves exceptionally well without the ball and made constant plays in transition.

6'3 '21 Janyle Pittman (Lancaster)
The tweener forward was easily one of the most productive players on this Lancaster squad, constantly making plays, whether on the glass or by scoring. Pittman played as the lone big man for this team and did an excellent job, especially considering his height limitations.

6'6 '19 Seth Rivers (Stall)
The 6-foot-7 big man was the most effective player on the floor during the second slate of games. He patrolled the paint constantly, using his strength to clear space on offense and protect the rim on defense. Rivers has an excellent frame and would be impossible-to-miss high major player if he were a little taller. That being said, he does everything well and played a huge part in their win.

6'4 '19 Daniel Finney-Smith (AC Flora)
The athleticism level was off the charts at our Jam Fest, but few athletes were more impressive than Daniel Finney-Smith. He lurked for every available rebound and was a constant threat to put an opponent on a poster. Finney-Smith lacks elite size, but still has the abilities of a strong rim-running big man.

6'3 '19 DJ Sinkler (AC Flora)
There were plenty of struggles for AC Flora in the first half of their morning contest, but everything turned around once Sinkler started heating up. The wiry, 6-foot-3 guard provides a nice mix of ball-handling and shooting, which made him one of the most valuable prospects in this game.

6'3 '21 Joshua Beadle (Cardinal Newman)
Through three games, the best wing prospect to walk through the building has been Joshua Beadle. He has improved a lot over the last year, yet still has most of the same foundation as a quality all-around guard. It's crazy to fathom that Beadle is just a rising sophomore, given the maturity and overall productivity within his game.

6'4 '19 Chico Carter Jr. (Cardinal Newman)
The unquestioned two-way leader of this Cardinal Newman squad has certainly been Chico Carter Jr. At 6-foot-4, Carter has great size and strength for a point guard, yet possesses the quickness and overall foot-speed to blow by opposing floor generals. He has all the tools to thrive at the next level, especially with an up-tempo offense.

6'11 '19 Malcolm Wilson (Ridge View)
The rim-protector for Ridge View is quite clearly Malcolm Wilson, a 6-foot-11 center from the mold of a modern day rim-runner. He swatted a ton of shots and consistently secured rebounds throughout the day. Wilson is still growing on offense, but he has all the tools to become a dominant two-way prospect at the next level.

6'7 '20 Javon Benson (Ridge View)
The strong-bodied tweener was one of the most productive players through the morning session of Phenom's HS Jam Fest. He has an excellent frame that he often used to clear out space and score inside the paint. He displayed enough athleticism to play above the rim in doses, especially if the opponent allows it.

6'4 '22 Jay Brown (Lancaster)
This wasn't our first time seeing Brown, but this was the most confidence we've seen him showcase. At 6-foot-4, but just entering his freshman year, Brown has the upside to become a very intriguing prospect, especially if he continues to grow into a big man. Until then, he'll continue playing hard and blocking shots to earn minutes.